the most wonderful time of the year...

The most wonderful time of the year for me, would have to be December 26th, when radio stations can regain sanity and start playing real music again, not holiday nonsense. This year however has me especially in a humbug state, for some personal reasons, which we should jump into right away!

You see the true reason for Christmas, is to celebrate jesus christ's birthday (although some say that the Palestinian winter's are too cold for babies to be born outdoors). Since I don't subscribe to that magazine, err, religion, I don't see why I should be pressured into celebrating a figure I don't care about. I'd rather give presents wrapped in blue and red with webs for spider-man's birthday, that would be much more meaningful to me, but I digress.

Since kids all over the country are forced to participate in Xmas, regardless of religious background, through the mist steps known as Santa Claus, I too was indoctrinated into this system of the "holiday spirit". Now that I am older, and able to discern the true nature of the holiday, I choose not to participate. This usually makes me the subject of cheerful "prosecution" of sorts. People won't stop badgering me as to why I am in a bad mood over the this time of year.

Don't get me wrong I love cold weather, the rain even more, but I won't give credit to those things to an imaginary figure who died for me, I already do that for Captain America (Steve Rogers R.I.P.). I usually keep my head low and my scarf high as I tread through the holiday season, but this year, things took a personal turn with me and that jesus fella.

One of my best friends (whose love for satanic heavy metal knew no bounds) became converted to some branch of christianity that's probably not worth mentioning. Having washed his hands of me and all of our friends, he is now free of temptation, sin, and anything else that might give a person some degree of character or depth. So as I see it, jesus took someone away from me, he hasn't brought anyone together in my book, why would I attend that guy's birthday party, really?

So this year finds me particularly annoyed with all this holiday jive, and I've been ready to get on with it since thanksgiving personally. If only it was over already. Humbug.

p.s. I don't capitalize the first letter when referring to "him" in any way, so suck on that.

The Valkyria Experience

I recently started playing Valkyria Chronicles on my PS3, and i have mixed emotions of pure joy followed by slightly less amounts of joy which i call sadness. The game is so close to a masterpiece that it almost hurts to have to admit that there are flaws in this beautifully woven video game. The music will change to fit the tension seamlessly and is a great soundtrack for other games with a military vibe.

The art style truly make this game a next-generation experience, as the color-pencil cel-shading make this game more storybook than any game to preceded it. The remake of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP comes to mind, the similarities in those cut scenes and these show that the people created these characters and landscapes truly but some effort behind their talents.

Taking major cues from anime, the story is presented in roughly 5 minute episodes that you can choose to skip if you don't require context to your battlefield excursions. Since everyone you work with fights for the same country, you share similar themed blue uniforms. That leaves all of the characters personality to reside in their face, hairstyle, and job class, and there is enough to go around.

Voice acting is offered in Japanese, which is superb, but having to read subtitles, even for avid readers who fly through them, will have you missing some of the fine detail put into the cut scenes. Thankfully, there is a very admirable job done in the English voice cast, and the few people who sound annoying aren't that useful and can safely be left out of the proceedings.

The combat is a fusion of real time strategy and live action aiming, think of it as a fusion of shining force and resident evil 4, with a splash of worms 3d for good measure. Faux-European countries during the WWII era are used for the backdrop of this military inspired game.

They don't introduce any new game play mechanics we aren't already familiar with, but they mix several tried and true formulas together for a refreshing take on the genre of console strategy games. It would truly be a shame if this art style, as well as game play ideas, don't become more fine tuned over the years.

Which would bring me to my sad realization that this game is far from perfect. Several little design flaws in the combat interfacing make me wish they were noticed during testing, cause they seem to be the only thing that holds the game back. For example, I moved my tank unit right up to a basic infantry unit, aimed the barrel of my cannon at his chest, and somehow, missed three shells in a row. Somehow, each shot landed just behind him, and the ensuing explosion didn't so much as touch him, and the explosion clearly covers the enemy for a few seconds. Why does it ask you if you are ready to quit your turn, once you have used all of your moves? Why would anyone choose to keep saying "No, i don't care if my turn is up, I'm not ending my turn", thus halting the game.

The enemy AI is very strange and peculiar to see in motion most of the time. Enemy soldiers will run right into your camp, only to take no action. They peek out from corners but never take a single shot at you. And decide to skip their turn, without taking any action at all, far too often. Without a difficulty option, it makes the game less re-playable and reduces it's value that much more, lack of trophies doesn't help either.

Don't let those faults prevent you from playing this game however, as it should be considered the PlayStation 3's defining RPG/Strategy. Without question, this is the one to top, so get to work.

It is a sad reminder that appears too often and reminds you that your not reading a historical textbook, but playing a video game.


The Mighty Boosh.

This is some of the funniest stuff i have ever seen, musical comedy duo's from the BBC is brilliant. Tundra rap is a must hear/see/ingest/inject/anally ingest musical number.
The back and forth that the two have during the show is brilliant and comes off as supremely natural. No laugh track allows you to take in the subtly of jokes, while extreme visual gags sneak in out of nowhere seamlessly and on perfect beats.
Checking on techno mouse, only to find that he is tripping too hard finds him staying at the ambiance hut, with the advice to drink some water is priceless.

As someone who has known the traumatic experience of having my jazz trance broken, I must say that this show is must watch for top of the line music, the edge of random comedy from a different slant, and unrivaled witty banter between friends/rivals.

The Mighty Boosh by *Medox on deviantART

Piss Off...

Barack Obama has been compared to Abraham Lincoln, cause he is appointing people to cabinet that don't agree with his policies. A popular phrase that people have been using is, "It's better to be in the tent pissing out, than out of the tent pissing in". I don't want to think of this country as a tent, cause if it was a tent, the family/friends using it would all hate each other, spread lies behind the backs of others, be intolerant of one another, and generally be divided in many ways.

However one thing is clear about that phrase, is that someone is very very drunk. If you can't be civil about your bodily fluids, then that night is going to end with someone getting jizz all over their hair, and it will not be asked for, yeesh. It would probably be one of those already rich guys who are getting bailed out by Satan so they can go back to raping the country in a few months.

The car companies getting bailed out is so discouraging to hear about, they made clearly inferior cars, not fuel efficient, and more expensive, so let us face facts, they failed as a business, it is that simple. If we are a country that created the internet, then filled it with endless amounts of porn, we clearly know how to run a business.

2 months

it has been two months since i posted anything, and what has kept me so busy? being lazy seems to take all my time. some say the unemployed don't get vacations. whose to say? let's get right back into it shall we?

a new president elect raised my spirits some, then the prop 8 passed (at least that is what
the media pastes on everyone's television) and my heart proceeded to sink.

at a friends party tonight i met a lot of dudes who were "yes on prop 8" people, and since my close ring of friends is devoid of such self imposed idiocy, i felt like having a go. so i did what felt natural, i asked them to explain to me as best they could why they felt gay people shouldn't have the same rights as straight people. and after long winded speeches about church, and keeping the tradition of marriage sacred (please insert U.S. divorce rate within 1 year here), and all that jive, not one of them asked me why i chose to vote no on prop 8 or whats more what made me choose that way. now a few cups of liquid "fuck your couch" courage ensured that i told them regardless. the gift of gab made sure they didnt enjoy being around themselves, as i emulated a mirror as best i could to show them the true ugliness of their nature, at least that what i think.

one fellow claimed it was because of his religious belifs that they shouldn't be allowed too. and since the boat that carried people here form england were seeking religious tolerance, it seems normal for that same religion to breed as much intolerance as possible. Proposition 8 was moved forward by mormon founders who threw $25 million at the whole process. these are the same people who gave themsevels their own state because the rest of the country didn't like how they were treating marriage, or the other 7 wives anyone might have had. it may not be a clever angle, but it is the truth, so who the fuck cares about an angle.

all the terrorizing commercials about how gym teachers are going to teach your male kids to sodomize each other and dance to aretha franklin in heels have been seen by many. we all know how wrong that is, it's the catholic pastors and preachers who are teaching them about sodomy, not gym teachers. come on folks, get with it.

wanting to tell someone they can't do something, is something any half wit can do. but to tell someone that they can do something, takes more effort. at least it makes for better conversation. and so i want to thank those gentlemen whose night i probably ruined for letting me vent and get my anger on the topic off my chest. who would have thunk that basic human dignity could be such a hard thing to ask for in the "land of the free".

this country.
sometimes this country makes me hate myself for being born american.
i feel like the insignia on my passport is affiliated with bigotry, intolerance, hatred, and christians.

on the positive side, it helped my family not get deported.
although being able to stay here just cause I was born here, seems like maybe my birth was more strategic than wanted, whose to say.

the time you spent reading this will never be given back, ever.

so thanks for stopping by.

Dynasty Warriors Syndrome

So KOEI has been making the same game since the 90's with no change to the formula whatsoever, I'm not sure why I keep buying them. The Dynasty Warriors franchise is about taking the role of a famous ancient chinese warrior and taking them to the battelfield to, basically, mash buttons and watch as hundreds upon hundreds of soliders fall to your unmatched might! That's pretty much it.

What is more confusing is how when KOEI DO decide to make some changes to the formula, that they get them wrong 90% of the time. Adding more characters to the roster should be a standard sure, but they were basically mirror images of the other people who had the same weapon. Now in the latest installment, Dynasty Warriors 6, they made drastic changes to the costumes which were welcome, save for the changes to the weapons.

Since most of the character were completely devoid of any actual personality, the only interesting part of these characters were the weapons they used. The weapons defined the character so much that changing them made a very familiar character I have been using for years into some sick twisted bizarro version of themselves, sans-blue face.

The two new elements in this game were the addition to climb ladders, which is as mundane as it sounds. Just think of all the amazing things you can do inside a video game world, and it took them over six games and countless expansion packs to add climbing? I can tear thousands of soldiers asunder but simply do not have the mental capacity to climb a ladder, which made no difference in the game and was a rarely used mechanic. The other feature was the ability to swim through, wait for it, water! The only water in the game is primarily rivers, which you figure you could cross to make traveling easier right? wrong. although you can jump into any part of a river or lake, there are usually only ONE exit, if your lucky two. And those two points are going to be at the opposite sides of the map, forcing you to swim for way to long. Good luck trying to tell where the exits are on the map, since it is so terrible your going to need binoculars to tell where they are.

These are the features that are on the back of the box! These are what they chose to try and sell you the game? Then again if you are looking for new features to such a stale franchise, you may have your priorities mixed up, like I do.

Removing the create-a-character mode reduced the fun to be had by at least half, since players always care for characters they made themselves over the ones the games come with (unless Bob Fett is involved).

The best entry in the franchise I would have to say is Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires. The new empire mode in that game was a nice way to spend time in between button mashing to actually try to use your brain for a few minutes. Of course they removed it.

I would hope that they figure out how to fully utilize the PS3, as large groups of people still blink in and out of existence when too many are on screen, preventing you from hitting them, even though they are right next to you. Functional multiplayer could lead to online empire games that might actually might make $60 for a game you've played for years a worthwhile purchase. Might.

Lets keep our fingers crossed for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2.

Bear Creek Apartments

I just read the latest short story on titled "Bear Creek Apartments" by Brian Lee O'Malley and Hope Larson.

Here's the link to read it yourself:

A great short story, I can't help but feel as though I've fallen for the same trick myself.
Bewitched by some beautiful stranger during a moment of weakness, only to be turned into some cart-pulling goat.
I really dig the way Nola's trailer and fence look like they are colored in with crayons.
For those of you who enjoyed the story as much as i did i made a wallpaper of Nola, Paul, and Scooter.

Favourite colour tacou

It was an amazing time when i realized i had views. I preferred certain things over others and was finally able to understand the concept. Today i wondered if people out there have a favourite food color. Do some of us prefer green food, to say, blue food? Is there blue food? What does blue food smell like? And finally, i don't think i really like blue food. Also, since I'm not really fond of green food, I have decided to prefer the tree cakes of Jupiter. You just wait and see...

"!" What as that noise?

Metal Gear Solid 4 is an absolute masterpiece of a game, the ultimate fusion of video game and cinema ever created. Never before have I played a game with such depth and attention to detail. The online is truly a unique and exciting change to competitive online play.
CQC only, blade only, and non-lethal weapons only are just as intense as regular games if not more so. PS3 finally has the exclusive killer app they have sorely been needing since the consoles release.
Those who are looking to play online, remember a few things. After the round is over, people can still get a point from using CQC to knock choke someone out, including you, so be wary.
Using the in game speech can help to get other players to cooperate and stick together, being a lone wolf can be fun but nothing is more exciting than taking advantage of the SOP link as a team. Acting as a single cohesive unit with strangers you just met is totally possible now, as long as you have some smart players with you.
Finally, when in doubt, roll to safety.
Did that box just move? Usually people don't check to find out.
Thats it for the first entry.
(^_^ )y-~~