"!" What as that noise?

Metal Gear Solid 4 is an absolute masterpiece of a game, the ultimate fusion of video game and cinema ever created. Never before have I played a game with such depth and attention to detail. The online is truly a unique and exciting change to competitive online play.
CQC only, blade only, and non-lethal weapons only are just as intense as regular games if not more so. PS3 finally has the exclusive killer app they have sorely been needing since the consoles release.
Those who are looking to play online, remember a few things. After the round is over, people can still get a point from using CQC to knock choke someone out, including you, so be wary.
Using the in game speech can help to get other players to cooperate and stick together, being a lone wolf can be fun but nothing is more exciting than taking advantage of the SOP link as a team. Acting as a single cohesive unit with strangers you just met is totally possible now, as long as you have some smart players with you.
Finally, when in doubt, roll to safety.
Did that box just move? Usually people don't check to find out.
Thats it for the first entry.
(^_^ )y-~~

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