Dynasty Warriors Syndrome

So KOEI has been making the same game since the 90's with no change to the formula whatsoever, I'm not sure why I keep buying them. The Dynasty Warriors franchise is about taking the role of a famous ancient chinese warrior and taking them to the battelfield to, basically, mash buttons and watch as hundreds upon hundreds of soliders fall to your unmatched might! That's pretty much it.

What is more confusing is how when KOEI DO decide to make some changes to the formula, that they get them wrong 90% of the time. Adding more characters to the roster should be a standard sure, but they were basically mirror images of the other people who had the same weapon. Now in the latest installment, Dynasty Warriors 6, they made drastic changes to the costumes which were welcome, save for the changes to the weapons.

Since most of the character were completely devoid of any actual personality, the only interesting part of these characters were the weapons they used. The weapons defined the character so much that changing them made a very familiar character I have been using for years into some sick twisted bizarro version of themselves, sans-blue face.

The two new elements in this game were the addition to climb ladders, which is as mundane as it sounds. Just think of all the amazing things you can do inside a video game world, and it took them over six games and countless expansion packs to add climbing? I can tear thousands of soldiers asunder but simply do not have the mental capacity to climb a ladder, which made no difference in the game and was a rarely used mechanic. The other feature was the ability to swim through, wait for it, water! The only water in the game is primarily rivers, which you figure you could cross to make traveling easier right? wrong. although you can jump into any part of a river or lake, there are usually only ONE exit, if your lucky two. And those two points are going to be at the opposite sides of the map, forcing you to swim for way to long. Good luck trying to tell where the exits are on the map, since it is so terrible your going to need binoculars to tell where they are.

These are the features that are on the back of the box! These are what they chose to try and sell you the game? Then again if you are looking for new features to such a stale franchise, you may have your priorities mixed up, like I do.

Removing the create-a-character mode reduced the fun to be had by at least half, since players always care for characters they made themselves over the ones the games come with (unless Bob Fett is involved).

The best entry in the franchise I would have to say is Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires. The new empire mode in that game was a nice way to spend time in between button mashing to actually try to use your brain for a few minutes. Of course they removed it.

I would hope that they figure out how to fully utilize the PS3, as large groups of people still blink in and out of existence when too many are on screen, preventing you from hitting them, even though they are right next to you. Functional multiplayer could lead to online empire games that might actually might make $60 for a game you've played for years a worthwhile purchase. Might.

Lets keep our fingers crossed for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2.

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