2 months

it has been two months since i posted anything, and what has kept me so busy? being lazy seems to take all my time. some say the unemployed don't get vacations. whose to say? let's get right back into it shall we?

a new president elect raised my spirits some, then the prop 8 passed (at least that is what
the media pastes on everyone's television) and my heart proceeded to sink.

at a friends party tonight i met a lot of dudes who were "yes on prop 8" people, and since my close ring of friends is devoid of such self imposed idiocy, i felt like having a go. so i did what felt natural, i asked them to explain to me as best they could why they felt gay people shouldn't have the same rights as straight people. and after long winded speeches about church, and keeping the tradition of marriage sacred (please insert U.S. divorce rate within 1 year here), and all that jive, not one of them asked me why i chose to vote no on prop 8 or whats more what made me choose that way. now a few cups of liquid "fuck your couch" courage ensured that i told them regardless. the gift of gab made sure they didnt enjoy being around themselves, as i emulated a mirror as best i could to show them the true ugliness of their nature, at least that what i think.

one fellow claimed it was because of his religious belifs that they shouldn't be allowed too. and since the boat that carried people here form england were seeking religious tolerance, it seems normal for that same religion to breed as much intolerance as possible. Proposition 8 was moved forward by mormon founders who threw $25 million at the whole process. these are the same people who gave themsevels their own state because the rest of the country didn't like how they were treating marriage, or the other 7 wives anyone might have had. it may not be a clever angle, but it is the truth, so who the fuck cares about an angle.

all the terrorizing commercials about how gym teachers are going to teach your male kids to sodomize each other and dance to aretha franklin in heels have been seen by many. we all know how wrong that is, it's the catholic pastors and preachers who are teaching them about sodomy, not gym teachers. come on folks, get with it.

wanting to tell someone they can't do something, is something any half wit can do. but to tell someone that they can do something, takes more effort. at least it makes for better conversation. and so i want to thank those gentlemen whose night i probably ruined for letting me vent and get my anger on the topic off my chest. who would have thunk that basic human dignity could be such a hard thing to ask for in the "land of the free".

this country.
sometimes this country makes me hate myself for being born american.
i feel like the insignia on my passport is affiliated with bigotry, intolerance, hatred, and christians.

on the positive side, it helped my family not get deported.
although being able to stay here just cause I was born here, seems like maybe my birth was more strategic than wanted, whose to say.

the time you spent reading this will never be given back, ever.

so thanks for stopping by.

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