Piss Off...

Barack Obama has been compared to Abraham Lincoln, cause he is appointing people to cabinet that don't agree with his policies. A popular phrase that people have been using is, "It's better to be in the tent pissing out, than out of the tent pissing in". I don't want to think of this country as a tent, cause if it was a tent, the family/friends using it would all hate each other, spread lies behind the backs of others, be intolerant of one another, and generally be divided in many ways.

However one thing is clear about that phrase, is that someone is very very drunk. If you can't be civil about your bodily fluids, then that night is going to end with someone getting jizz all over their hair, and it will not be asked for, yeesh. It would probably be one of those already rich guys who are getting bailed out by Satan so they can go back to raping the country in a few months.

The car companies getting bailed out is so discouraging to hear about, they made clearly inferior cars, not fuel efficient, and more expensive, so let us face facts, they failed as a business, it is that simple. If we are a country that created the internet, then filled it with endless amounts of porn, we clearly know how to run a business.

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