The Mighty Boosh.

This is some of the funniest stuff i have ever seen, musical comedy duo's from the BBC is brilliant. Tundra rap is a must hear/see/ingest/inject/anally ingest musical number.
The back and forth that the two have during the show is brilliant and comes off as supremely natural. No laugh track allows you to take in the subtly of jokes, while extreme visual gags sneak in out of nowhere seamlessly and on perfect beats.
Checking on techno mouse, only to find that he is tripping too hard finds him staying at the ambiance hut, with the advice to drink some water is priceless.

As someone who has known the traumatic experience of having my jazz trance broken, I must say that this show is must watch for top of the line music, the edge of random comedy from a different slant, and unrivaled witty banter between friends/rivals.

The Mighty Boosh by *Medox on deviantART

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