the most wonderful time of the year...

The most wonderful time of the year for me, would have to be December 26th, when radio stations can regain sanity and start playing real music again, not holiday nonsense. This year however has me especially in a humbug state, for some personal reasons, which we should jump into right away!

You see the true reason for Christmas, is to celebrate jesus christ's birthday (although some say that the Palestinian winter's are too cold for babies to be born outdoors). Since I don't subscribe to that magazine, err, religion, I don't see why I should be pressured into celebrating a figure I don't care about. I'd rather give presents wrapped in blue and red with webs for spider-man's birthday, that would be much more meaningful to me, but I digress.

Since kids all over the country are forced to participate in Xmas, regardless of religious background, through the mist steps known as Santa Claus, I too was indoctrinated into this system of the "holiday spirit". Now that I am older, and able to discern the true nature of the holiday, I choose not to participate. This usually makes me the subject of cheerful "prosecution" of sorts. People won't stop badgering me as to why I am in a bad mood over the this time of year.

Don't get me wrong I love cold weather, the rain even more, but I won't give credit to those things to an imaginary figure who died for me, I already do that for Captain America (Steve Rogers R.I.P.). I usually keep my head low and my scarf high as I tread through the holiday season, but this year, things took a personal turn with me and that jesus fella.

One of my best friends (whose love for satanic heavy metal knew no bounds) became converted to some branch of christianity that's probably not worth mentioning. Having washed his hands of me and all of our friends, he is now free of temptation, sin, and anything else that might give a person some degree of character or depth. So as I see it, jesus took someone away from me, he hasn't brought anyone together in my book, why would I attend that guy's birthday party, really?

So this year finds me particularly annoyed with all this holiday jive, and I've been ready to get on with it since thanksgiving personally. If only it was over already. Humbug.

p.s. I don't capitalize the first letter when referring to "him" in any way, so suck on that.

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