rainy dreams

i dreamt that it was pouring rain outside. earlier this week i dreamt i had some people hostage in my air fortress, and since they wouldn't reveal the location of their secret rebel base, i shouted the order to open fire, sending thousands of giant tennis balls down to earth to wreak havoc. what do these messages all mean? i'm not entirely sure myself, i can say that they were a lot of fun to be a part of. i wonder if there is something to that giant tennis ball shooting air fortress deal. i wasn't wearing any kind of uniform either, i was just wearing jeans and a shirt, pretty lax for commanding a flying siege castle right? maybe it was "casual destroy a rebellion Friday". who knows. the people i had captive weren't really clear either, almost like acting dummy's that were sticking to the script. superb actors i must say.

should try and sketch the fortress...


January was my last post, it's been awhile, a lot has happened, long story short, not much has really happened. Just the usual wrestling around with my guilt as the world spirals into madness. formatting my computer meant losing many of my Mozilla bookmarks to negligence during the backup stage, among the forgotten links was this blog, this poor old blog, dusty, unkempt, and quite probably with a mean dose of rabies, but I'm hoping to get things kick started again, so tune in, please, they're watching me. always watching.

I would like to take a moment of silence, for all the links that are still forgotten, and will probably never be remembered again.

take it easy.