eBay you cheeky bitch, sony you rat bastards,

i hear ebay is taking 10% of the stuff u sell, but they DON'T tax you on the shipping costs. bastards are gonna take 30 cents from me, on my whopping guitar hero key chain i found on the ground at best buy years ago, instead of the 15 cents i agreed upon. to quote the only black guy in star wars, "this deal gets worse all the time". Lando we hardly knew ye. so long as the hedonism of the american consumer hasn't dwindled then i should still be selling stuff pretty adequately, i hope.

also my playstation 3 crapped out on me last week, as soon as i get resident evil 5 and infamous, go figgy pudding. sony wants to look at it for up to 2 months for $150 with no promise of them fixing anything. and to think i ever trusted them, the bastards. luckily there are a few repair shops just for broken consoles/handhelds nearby, so its only $100 to swap the whole blu-ray laser assembly. now for the hard part, having to wait until sometime this week when i get the call to go pick it up. but no school/work/motivation for anything useful leaves me with a lot of time to anxiously tap my watch in anticipation. comics have been really good lately which sadly means i read them like lightning and are done with the whole lot of 'em before much time has passed. i'm sure when i get it back and get to killing some zombies/ninjas it will have felt like no time passed at all. which brings me to my sad conclusion.

"In time, all things are forgotten."

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