comic con!

i haven't posted in awhile, because i'm so very anxious to go to comic con. San Diego, this saturday, it's going to be intense. sadly i don't have much funding to take with me down there so it's going to be mostly window/booth shopping for me. since my PS3 is still in limbo, i've been sticking to PC games to help tide the time. I'll go thru a quick list which i may go into detail in the future. consider this a lightning round of game reviews.

-=The Witcher: Good RPG
-=TRINE: Good, almost great, and i mean almost.
-=Musaic Box: Great idea, but I beat it in about 2 hours.
-=And Yet It Moves: Quaint. LocoRoco did it better but this is an amusing distraction.
-=Secret Of Monkey Island 3D Remake: unsure. i hate adventure game and lack patience.
-=BRAID: Awesome!
-=Yosumin: Decent puzzle game, pushed into good cause of super-cuteness.
-=Plants VS. Zombies: Solid game, pushed into great cause of massive amount of content.
-=Alien Shooter Vengeance: Diablo meets sci-fi. Simple Solid Game, nothing new though.
-=Mass Effect: Bioware delivers! Great story, unbelievable voice acting, incredible directing and cinematography, the gameplay lacks a bit of flair as all fights tend to feel the same, but so far, excellent game!
-=Sims 3: after investing a lot of time into this game i can truly admit that it was disappointing. The ability to have the whole neighborhood be live is awesome, but when you realize there aren't any of the expansion packs from previous games at work, its sad. you can't fast forward FAST enough. you will spend most of your time waiting for your sim to either be at work, or be asleep, both of which take FAR too long to fast forward through. All the expansion packs from the previous games should have been in here in some form or another, but they are absent. leaving this game basically feeling like The Sims or something.

Other than that, COMIC CON THIS SATURDAY!!!!!

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