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Haven't posted in nearly a months so this one will be a doosey. I have spent a lot of time recently catching up with all the movies of 2009 that i have been wanting to watch. Here is a quick rundown of my take on them.

UP - The latest Pixar film continues graphic excellence, but is far too family oriented to compete on any intellectual level with its predecessor, WALL-E, which is the Pixar film to top in my opinion. I only laughed once, and although the prospect of a geriatric final fight sequence was an interesting idea, it got boring VERY quickly. Watch Beowulf tear apart three giant sea monsters in two minutes, and watching two old men throw their dentures at one another just doesn't compete. I will say that Pixar has mastered simulating canine's look perfectly. This film was simply too heartwarming for my tastes, but kids were probably rolling in the isles.

District 9 - This movie was absolutely amazing. The perfect mix of eyewitness accounts and over the top action sequences made this movie one for the record books. The main character spoke a thick accented English, but he is a far superior actor in "our" language than most American actors today. Aliens were incredibly lifelike, and as for the alien weaponry, what they lacked in originality they made up for in makes-humans-turn-into-exploding-mush-in-the-blink-of-an-eye factor, so well done there. As for giant robots, that makes anything better. Best in Show so far (although I haven't senn all the movies out yet).

Year One - This is the comedy to top for 2009. Although my love affair with Jables is obvious, this movie has comedic staying power that the other comedies are lacking. A decent commentary on ancient cultures and religions through modern perspectives, it basically points out the obvious ridiculousness of how people used to live their lives. David Cross as Cain was hilarious, and subtly stole the show, I wonder if Paul Rudd's character Abel had lived a bit longer, how funny his bits would have been.Did you notice Stew from Strangers with Candy?

The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard - This was a decent comedy, with Jeremy Piven at the helm selling cars with fervor alongside his ragtag team of car salesmen. The romance sub plot wasn't beat over the audiences head thankfully, but were painful to sit through. Ving Rhames had some of the best lines in the whole film, but as per usual Wil Ferrell stole the show, for all 5 minutes he was actually in the film. This was a fun ride for 90 minutes, but after you know which direction the jokes are coming from the movie sadly has little lasting power beyond the first hilarious viewing. Best DJ song: "Dead Puppies".

Extract: This was a good comedy and felt like a true Mike Judge film about real people who are trying to keep their jobs and go about their day-to-day, until a super hot Mila Kunis shows up and ruins everything, for everyone, all at once, like she is prone to do. Jason Bateman is an excellent leading man and steers the film without any problem, unfortunately he is given Ben Affleck as a best friend, and in all honesty

Monsters Vs Aliens - This movie is what could be considered a "bandwagon" film, where the popularity if child friendly 3D movies has resulted in sub par trips to the movie theater. Reese Witherspoon's voice has always grated on my ears but somehow I survived, if only to hear Stephen Colbert as the voice of the incredibly stupid president. This was more like one of those "scary movie" or "date movie" parodies at times, and they broke the fourth wall far too often.

Transformers 2 - All hype, no substance. I already ranted on why this movie was garbage in a previous blog, so check it out!

G.I. Joe - I couldn't make it past the halfway mark in this film. Every time two swords connected the camera would change fifteen times. There is a montage devoted to showing just how badass the Joe's are in training, but come a real combat sequence no body can seem to hit the broad side of the Earth, let alone their opponents. Forced romance plots were brought to the foreground, despite audiences ripping out their eyeballs nationwide (I kid, people loved this movie, for some reason). I can't wait for the next film to come out, G.I. Joe 2: The Search for Curly's Gold, where we get to see when Dracula gets recruited to fight against Cobra and the army of mummies or some such nonsense. Like transformers, this movie is just meant to give people boners for America as the best in everything. Why be proud of how big our guns are, when we're ranked 34th in medicine? Priorities I tell ya.

That's it for now, but other films I plan to review soon: Observe and Report, Star Trek, Ponyo, 9, Adventureland, Gamer, and Inglorious Basterds. So stay tuned for those.

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