Bill Engvall you twat...

i have been working as a caterer at cal state san bernadino (a nearby college in southern california) for about a month now, and the drive there is roughly forty minutes. driving has never been troublesome for me, as it provides time to listen to new music, audio books, or standup comedy. This time is usually spent thinking, about the humourous absurdity of life, or about which direction i should take with a story i have in my head, or perhaps lyrics to a song i should write. This time spent behind the wheel is useful to me and almost theraputic, as being surrounded by my co-workers for several hours can be taxing on my philosophical properties, since it's best to keep my mouth shut whenever i hear other employees, students, or professors talking about politics or religion.

the drive to work is never as rewarding as the drive back, but it is rather uneventful. About one quarter of the drive home however, is marred by a giant billboard that has been up since i began working. The billboard in question has Bill Engvall's giant face smiling at me, as he is to be performing standup comedy at a casino nearby some time in late october. No matter what part of the universe my brain is soaring through, it is always brought to a screeching halt, as I have to sit and stare at this giant redneck's face for about forty five seconds. I could try and ignore it like i do so many others, but this billboard in particular has my name in it, Bill.

Bill Engvall is apart of the coalition known as blue collar comedy, which is essentially low-brow comedy for white people which is thinly veiled with rascism and homophobia. They aren't exactly the most accepting group of clowns out there. Now there time in the sun is already in it's deneaumaunt and luckily they aren't as popular as they were a few years ago. But still, seeing his big grinning face just irks me in some minor and irrelevant way taht i can't help but vent about.

Whenever someone has the same name as I do, i hope that they are people of intellectual character, or at least funny if they claim to be comedians. Do i think i'm funnier than Bill Engvall? Well, he managed to get a television show where the audience is told when to laugh on queue. I managed to get a few friends to laugh with me on occasion, and we never have to wait for applause breaks either.

oh, the jobs pretty cool too i guess.