the Wind and the Leaf

Today, the wind took my breath away and made my heart stop, my eyes water, my toes curl, and my hands tighten around the contents of my pockets. My windswept hair flailed about as if trying to escape the unavoidable fate of being attached to my head, in order to dance in the wind like so many leaves or plastic bags that knew how to truly be free. The breeze tugged at my shoulders, leading me down foreign walkways and hidden valleys, as if having me seek respite from the forceful gusts that would have their way with me. Leaning against the wind I braced myself for the dust devil that would blind me, for the pebble that would hide in my shoes, and for the gale that wished to remove me from where ever i was and place me where ever it wished. A wayward leaf slapped me across the face, trying to redefine itself inside the draft, into a weapon made of brittle paper. Grasping my new found enemy in my hand I prepared the coup de grace that was my soft grip, and instead released it back into the wind, with wishes that my new found friend would travel far and to places unknown to the world. A tempest tilted the world in a beautiful and mystifying way, while working feverishly to blind those brave enough to take a glimpse. What would a zephyr have to do to find its way out of a cyclone and return home?

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