context message

i am slowly starting to hate text messages. they are impersonal and are nearly always taken out of context. such is not always the case, but the few times i decide to actually apply an inflection, or tone to a text message, it was never intended to have such an impact in the least. the only safe way to read messages are to pretend a robotic monotone voice is reading them aloud, in order to avoid confusion. text messages can come off as snide, or flirty, or judgmental, or sincere, or any number of expressive emotions, that they were clearly not intended to have (most of the time). recently, a friends curiosity was interpreted as nosy and self righteous, when in fact it was a simple inquiry about how my day was going, so naturally i replied with the classic "bagoff jagoff!" which was unwarranted and uncalled for.
naturally not all texts fall under the umbrella of my misinterpretation, some people i can communicate with rather well via T-X-T-M-S-G, but i can't help but wonder if i come off as insulting them at times, my own texts being misread as cruel or indifferent. there's no really way around this, but my preferred method is simple.
just call me. we'll talk.

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checho said...

slag off, sod off, flag off... all acceptable responses