local talent

At a local pub recently I saw a few musical acts that I enjoyed. Want to hear about them? Lets get started then.

First was John Harvey, a good solo act on guitar and piano, not at the same time mind you but it was still really good. Played an excellent Radiohead cover as well. His music had a kind of sad and haunting quality, but if all ghosts had the pleasant sway that his tunes had, then people would welcome paranormal guests more frequently.

Second came The Ivy Walls, from La. They sounded like a mix of The Pillows and Bombay Bicycle Club, but with a piano added for good measure. Good stuff, it had a nice amount of dreamy guitar riffs to blend in with the vocals really well. You can check out their album for free at their website, THEIVYWALLS.COM.

Lastly was Winston and the Telescreen, a local band from Riverside, and they are excellent. They remind me of an American version of an early Coldplay album but with less melancholy and more confrontation, with playfully romantic songs and clever imagery, as well as nifty black armbands for fans willing to represent. If your curious check out songs "Red and Blues" and "Says Shes Sorry", I insist. Really, I do.


snuggles11 said...

I wanna see someone play the piano and the guitar AT the same time....while standing on their head, and eating a banana.


snuggles11 said...


greens and blues