i got revenge today
a sick kind of revenge, that was both uncalled for and unwanted.
after receiving a fresh bowl of arroz de leche, a foreign dessert which resembles tapioca pudding backed by Cinnamon, which was still piping hot from the stove, i decided to give it time to cool off. giving me another opportunity to try and murder the fly that had been pestering me all afternoon, marring the landscape of my computer monitor is most certainly a hell worthy trespass. finally deciding to give up and let the fly claim space on my workstation, i set my gaze from vengeance to the delicious bowl of sweetness cooling near my optical mouse. gathering the courage to see what smelled so good, the fly landed on the very edge of the bowl slowly making its way towards the sweet milky goodness. one of its legs got caught in the filmy layer of skin that had formed over the surface of the pudding. like quicksand, the more the fly attempted to to become unstuck, the further it was being pulled into the deadly gruel that had become its final resting place. eventually the desperation for survival stopped and the fly died. using my spoon to scoop out the fly, it turned it into a giant over sized steel coffin, the steam coming from the freshly exposed dessert became the souls of all the flies I've ever killed, slowly rising up only to get caught in my air filter.
my revenge was complete.

and the pudding was delicious.

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