wtf kind of bullshit is that?

hanging out out in downtown is supposed to be a fun time. meet people. have some drinks. run into familiar faces and catch up on how the world has been treating people. and sometimes you get back to your car to discover that your rear window has been shattered, with shards of glass vandalizing the interior of your car. and you have to wonder, what the fuck kind of bullshit is that?
this place seems to go out of its way to make you want to hate all the inhabitants, without them having to try very hard. in fact it was probably just one persons actions, that have ruined it for the rest of the human race. so a big thanks go out to that buffoon, whoever he or she or they may have been, for reminding me that people suck. can no night go untarnished by the petty actions of other people, of for that matter myself as well?

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snuggles11 said...

yeah fuck that guy/gal