Con Anxiety

San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner and I'm too excited to sleep. I can only attend Thursday this year due to financial restraints, and odds are I'm going to sell my car in the parking lot for comic book money, and try and hitchhike my way back home. Exciting times are at hand. Sing with me!

"We're off to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of Con!"

p.s. Scott Pilgrim vol.6 came out this week, and it was as awesome as expected, and looked far prettier than the others by a lot. But I will get into it later. Review soon to come!

Led Zeppelin

Every July I only listen to Led Zeppelin. For the whole month. Not sure when I started doing this but it just makes so much sense to me that I never questioned it. Led Zeppelin II is without a doubt my favourite album out of their whole library of work. "Ramble On" has always resonated strongly with me and is, in my opinion, the best track off that album. The Tolkien references are quaint, but it's the search for a true love that takes mythical proportions is simply too awesome. "Moby Dick" features a lengthy drum solo by John Bonham, which feels like a psychotropic shamanic trance. "Heartbreaker" features Jimmy Page's fingers dancing all over the fretboard of his guitar like a maniac with a, well, broken heart. This was the first album that I can remembering listening to. It blew me away with a dose of Rock n Roll. IT was the blues played harder and louder than it had ever been played before.

Rock n Roll was the first form of music that I ever learned to love, and Led Zeppelin is why. Many years later I would discover that I had the same birthday as Jimmy Page, January 9th. A coincidence, sure, but a pretty cool one if you ask me (and by reading my blog you certainly did). Most of their songs have to do with heart-ache or seduction. Truly timeless messages.

Two Led Zeppelin songs stand high above the rest in my opinion. The first being "Traveling Riverside Blues" off their BBC sessions album, and is a cover of legendary blues artist Robert Johnson. However my hands down number one choice for greatest Led Zeppelin song, and contender for "best song I've ever heard award", has to be "Hey Hey What Can I Do", and was only featured as a B-side to the "Immigrant Song" single. A song about being helpless to love a woman who doesn't love you back. The bluesy riffs, forlorn lyrics, and hopeless romantic attitude make this a song I can't help but love.

Daddy Long Legs

I was in bed last night reading the annual Invincible Iron Man, where The Mandarin captures a film-maker who is forced to film a false origin story, when my nose acquired an itch about ten pages in. Lowering the book to scratch my nose revealed a spider slowly lowering itself directly above my nose. It's legs were long, barely visible, and stretched beyond my range of sight. Slipping out from underneath it quickly, I stared at it. Stopping in its tracks (or webbing) it just hung there, slowly spinning in a circle. A month or so ago I jotted down notes for a story idea I had, and the opening scene involved a similar scene, where a spider hypnotizes someone from above while they lie in bed, very much how i was. Wondering if this was all fate and my idea was in fact a dark prophecy I asked the spider, "What are you? Are you real?" Waiting breathlessly for a reply, my spider senses never went off.

The spider was very much real, but the imaginary voice it had in my mind certainly was not. It was just a spider, a daddy long legs. It slowly made its way unto my bed, and began crawling away. However daddy long legs spiders don't crawl, so much as they glide. Their legs swimming their bodies high across the surface of my comforter. So I squished it.

The first result for googling daddy long legs, was a UCR link. Since I starting going to this school, i decided to wander right in. Someone decided to debunk the myth that daddy long legs spiders are poisonous. It turns out that there are two different classifications, one being "daddy longlegs" and the other "daddy longlegs spiders". That night i was faced with a daddy longlegs spider had a previous colloquial moniker of, "the cellar spider", but over time the general public changed that. This Pholcidae family of spider is not poisonous. If it is, then it's not poisonous to humans at least.

Happy Fourth of July!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe fourth of July celebration this weekend. Remember that if you live in America, then you truly live in a cool enough place that allows everyone of its citizens to say, "Fuck the Constitution!" Not because you mean it or think that's true, but because you merely want to flex your freedom to say whatever the hell you want. Just do it tastefully, comically, and intelligently.

Seriously, if you are all at a party, try and get the "U-S-A!" chant started. I hope it catches on too, because I am damn sure going to try and pull it off. Something tells me that a wave of anti-patriotism is going to be my only reply, that or "Viva Mexico!" will be louder.


Not long ago, while attending the midnight movie showing of Iron Man 2, I stopped by the bathroom of my local movie theater. Being that it was the men's restroom meant that it was indubitably in terrible condition. Near the entrance was a diaper changing station for babies, with a cute koala bear adorning the cover. These are small tables that fold out of the wall, that allow a parent or guardian, to place a baby safely upon in order to change their diaper. However this changing station in particular had three giant letters carved on it, rather primitively, WSR. These letters represented the common criminal element of my neighborhood known as, "West Side Rivas". The "Riva" must represent the fact that my town is called, Riverside, and the "West Side" must indicate the direction a compass might point. This hispanic based gang has plagued brick walls for decades. Now why anyone feels entitled to a sense of authority based on topographical placement escapes me utterly.

But what I really want to know is:

If a baby changing station has the letters "WSR" carved into it, then does it mean that only gangsters are allowed to change diapers there?
Are the children of yuppie puto's not allowed to use it?
Or is there a number of neck/head tattoos that is required before making it OK?