Daddy Long Legs

I was in bed last night reading the annual Invincible Iron Man, where The Mandarin captures a film-maker who is forced to film a false origin story, when my nose acquired an itch about ten pages in. Lowering the book to scratch my nose revealed a spider slowly lowering itself directly above my nose. It's legs were long, barely visible, and stretched beyond my range of sight. Slipping out from underneath it quickly, I stared at it. Stopping in its tracks (or webbing) it just hung there, slowly spinning in a circle. A month or so ago I jotted down notes for a story idea I had, and the opening scene involved a similar scene, where a spider hypnotizes someone from above while they lie in bed, very much how i was. Wondering if this was all fate and my idea was in fact a dark prophecy I asked the spider, "What are you? Are you real?" Waiting breathlessly for a reply, my spider senses never went off.

The spider was very much real, but the imaginary voice it had in my mind certainly was not. It was just a spider, a daddy long legs. It slowly made its way unto my bed, and began crawling away. However daddy long legs spiders don't crawl, so much as they glide. Their legs swimming their bodies high across the surface of my comforter. So I squished it.

The first result for googling daddy long legs, was a UCR link. Since I starting going to this school, i decided to wander right in. Someone decided to debunk the myth that daddy long legs spiders are poisonous. It turns out that there are two different classifications, one being "daddy longlegs" and the other "daddy longlegs spiders". That night i was faced with a daddy longlegs spider had a previous colloquial moniker of, "the cellar spider", but over time the general public changed that. This Pholcidae family of spider is not poisonous. If it is, then it's not poisonous to humans at least.

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checho said...

try gettin stung by a scorpion. Especially if you're not expecting it. Right on the shoulder blade. between the muscle and the bone