Not long ago, while attending the midnight movie showing of Iron Man 2, I stopped by the bathroom of my local movie theater. Being that it was the men's restroom meant that it was indubitably in terrible condition. Near the entrance was a diaper changing station for babies, with a cute koala bear adorning the cover. These are small tables that fold out of the wall, that allow a parent or guardian, to place a baby safely upon in order to change their diaper. However this changing station in particular had three giant letters carved on it, rather primitively, WSR. These letters represented the common criminal element of my neighborhood known as, "West Side Rivas". The "Riva" must represent the fact that my town is called, Riverside, and the "West Side" must indicate the direction a compass might point. This hispanic based gang has plagued brick walls for decades. Now why anyone feels entitled to a sense of authority based on topographical placement escapes me utterly.

But what I really want to know is:

If a baby changing station has the letters "WSR" carved into it, then does it mean that only gangsters are allowed to change diapers there?
Are the children of yuppie puto's not allowed to use it?
Or is there a number of neck/head tattoos that is required before making it OK?

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checho said...

lol, bill..just, lol. I apologize for my kind.