Dragon Age 2 trailer

March 2011 is the release date set for Bioware's sequel to Dragon Age: Origin. The first game I played extensively and I have to admit that they delivered in terms of producing a game which played like Knights of the Old Republic gameplay, with a gritty fantasy setting. And the it was the darker tone of the game which I think made it as memorable, as it was fun.

I've noticed a trend in science fiction and fantasy titles in gaming, and it's that they have increasingly lighter tones. Final Fantasy 13 opened with a city in revolt, and a resistance being filled with optimistic "young scamp" character types broke the illusion far too quickly. Science Fiction has also taken a departure from its dystopian roots, and leaned more towards family friendly, more marketable stories. Anyway, here are two video game trailers that give me hope. But are more importantly entertaining.

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