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And by handles/gamertags, I mean gaming nicknames. The alias's people go by when playing against each other online says a lot about them, even if that name is something like Space_Broccoli. I've been working on something recently which requires numerous handles for characters. My personal online moniker? SpookyDonkey. Which appeared during a rough translation of the Cowboy Bebop Movie. In a scene where a hacker has been tracked down to an arcade, he has his game turned off by Faye, and he laments over almost reaching the final boss named Sporky Donkey, but the early translation I saw said Spooky Donkey. It was like some weird cosmic eclipse, not that the universe has anything to be eclipsed by, but i digress. Something instantly clicked inside of me and I knew it was my "other" name.

But we're not here to talk about me, at least not anymore than I already have, but for this cast of fictional characters. Without getting too much into it, I'm simply going to rant a list of handles to get some juices flowing. Wait, that sounds inappropriate.

-Slayer_H8r, a take on player hater, but with more slayer. Metalheads wont like this one.
-K-OS, pronounced chaos, but stands for Knowledge Of Self.
-Rouge Scholar, someone whose self-taught.
-Moe_Boy, Moe is a japanese term pronounced (Moh-eh), and boy should be pronounced (boy-eh) or like "boya" with an almost southern draw.
-Loliconvict, a play on the term "lolicon", check wiki. all will make sense. [>_< ]#
-fartBALLS69 (only because i have seen this somewhere on the net, or something like it)
-DARTH_puppy, obvious contrast.
-SpringHeeledJack, or "teh terror of London" and various places like Prauge and Texas
-blazed_mazer, someone with skills at "mazing" in tower defense games, and is always stoned when doing so, otherwise known as a blazed mazer, hence the name.
-YA-TE-VEO, spanish for "i see you", and a folk monster.
-mavERIC, a take on Eric.
-GODTImkr, the Godti Mafia Matter Maker, from Transmetropolitan. A self aware appliances, which keeps itself too drugged to ever work properly.
-BetaRayPhil, a take on Phillip and Beta Ray Bill.
-roddenburry, as in Gene Roddenberry, but pronounced with the "-urry", as in dont be scurred, kind of a hip-hop sci-fi thing.
-SPR-F-EK-TV, as in super effective, as in "it's super effective!", as in super "effective"!
-marshall_bananana, Bebop fandom ftw!

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Anonymous said...

I guess Darth_puppy wins. But spell it as D4rth_PUPpy or something more gamer-ish. Lol.