Have you ever?

Have you ever listened to the song "Don't You Evah" by Spoon?
Have you ever tried to eat spaghetti with just a spoon?
Have you ever poured yourself a bowl of cereal, then put the milk in microwave and the cereal in the refrigerator?
Have you ever watched a bootleg movie, and the person taping it has their cell phone go off?
Have you ever wondered why your least favourite colour, isn't your favourite colour?
Have you ever done the math a hundred times, and things still don't add up?
Have you ever put a sticker somewhere, regardless of who was watching?
Have you ever written a letter to god, knowing he/she/it won't write back?
Have you ever kept a promise you forgot you made?
Have you ever been so indecisive that you couldn't figure out what not to do first?
Have you ever plotted world domination from inside your hamster cage?
Have you ever hidden lunch meat under your wig?
Have you ever put someone in their place, then immediately forget where you put them?
Have you ever thought that if jesus was a mouse, he would be called "cheeseus"?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. No. Who is Spoon?
2. Yup, it failed, miserably.
3. Nope.
4. No.
5. No, I hate purple and will always hate that atrocious color.
6. No, but I have done the math enough times to where it felt like 100 times.
7. Yeah.
8. Yup, once for a confirmation class.
9. No...idk.
10. Yes!
11. I don't live in a hamster cage =/
12. I don't have a wig either. Do you?
13. No, maybe something, but not someone
14. Lol, no but that's funny.