A friend of mine recently began an online business wherein he creates bead sprite necklaces of popular 8bit and 16bit video game character sprites, and sells them online. Not only does he recreate the classics, but he creates sprite versions of modern characters, as well as custom adaptations, which are all slung from a cord and hung around the neck. He was gracious enough to be willing to step outside of his video game character policy, to make a special commission from yours truly. Me.
I'm a big fan of the tv show 30 Rock, and my favourite character without a doubt has to be Tracy Morgan's character, Tracy Jordan. When he was denying allegations of being a normal person when a tabloid photo showed him walking out of a starbucks. He was outraged at the accusation of normalcy, shouting, "I was walking backwards, INTO a starbucks!" Eventually the character purchases a gold, diamond encrusted necklace with the word EGOT, which stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. He is obsessed with winning all four of them, but isn't even willing to show up on time for his show's rehearsal, proving he hasn't the mettle, or the merit needed to win a single one, let alone all four. Somehow, I think I can relate.
Also, I'm convinced the Black Crusaders are out to get me.

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