The SaNitarium

I worked behind the register at a net cafe in Moreno Valley, CA for a few years, which meant that every night from ten till five in the morning I was able to play video games on high end computers with a powerful T1 connection to the internet. Needless to say it was a blast, but I'll say it anyways. It was an absolute blasty blast. It was the most fun for the year before World of Warcraft spread like the plague and consumed the lives of everyone inside that store, myself included. Dark days indeed.

Anyways, myself and most of the regulars who came inside would often play games against each other. Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, Warcraft 3, Battlefield 1942, if it was on the PC, we played it. Of note, was the personal server that out store had, and for each of these games there was a dedicated server named "The SaNitarium". Every once in a while I would pop in, knowing full well that no one else was in there. So for a few minutes, it was just me, in a virtual sanitarium. When the store had first opened, that place was packed with all sorts of people, trying to kill each other in some manner or another, vying for dominance in an arena with no audience. Now the store has changed owners several times, and is probably closed. Sometimes I wonder, what ever happened to that tiny virtual space?

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