Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Movie Review

This movie was great. Awesomely great even. The most comic-book-looking-movie since Sin City. Seeing all the "Whoosh" and "Kapow" sound effects spelled out onscreen was a really nice touch which helped reinforce the film not taking itself too seriously. All of the characters were brilliantly cast and not one of them felt out of place. It was unfortunate that Kim Pine didn't get more screen time but that's a personal gripe since she is my favourite female character from the book. In my honest opinion, Knives Chau was the best actor in the movie, she really stole the show in my opinion. The fight scenes were spectacular and were frequent, and a welcome source of open conflict. Best of all was the music. All of the Sex Bob-Omb tracks are phenomenal!

There are things that had to be edited out of the story for the sake of brevity and an admirable job was done to rework the story into film. Here are some things that I truly wish could have been seen on the big screen. Lisa, mainly because I just want to know who they would have cast to be her. Crash and the Boys with their Goggle wearing outfits. A certain someone chopping a bus in twain. The Clash at Demonhead having their dirty laundry aired, resulting in the left behind bionic arm. A bit more passage of time, because the book takes place over the course of a year, and the film takes place in what seems to be a week. These are things that needed to be excluded from the film and they for viable reasons. Just one Scottaholic's opinion. I'll never forget the first time seeing ONI Press on the big screen, or my main man Scott Peezee For Sheezee!

Rating: Omni-Cool

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