SCOTTAHOLIC and Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour Review

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is coming out in theaters tomorrow at midnight, and I'm too excited to sleep. Since I first heard the film was being made with Edgar Wright directing, it was clear that the right choices were being made. Then the cast list came out and the awesomeness became obvious. After much breath holding, its finally here. Just one day away. Did you know that Jackie Chan's stunt team was on deck to do all the fight choreography and action sequences? And if you've seen Drunken Master or Police Story, then you know they do incredible work. After watching the film, I'll post a review.

I purchased the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Movie: The Game from the Playstation Network today, and it was animated by a certain Paul Robertson, who is a god of sprite animation. Youtube his videos, especially kings of power 4 billion (epilepsy warning!). The game is a throwback to all the things that made me love video games growing up. To boil it down, the game is essentially River City Ransom with a Scott Pilgrim paint job to the Nth degree. And if you have played River City Ransom, then you should know it was the defining beat 'em up for the Nintendo. The game is absolutely rife with Scott Pilgrim fan service, so even the most rabid Scottaholic (like yours truly) will be sated. And isn't that really what we want from our video game adaptations? To have heavy references to its source material, in order to make even the act of noticing small details a reward in itself.

Recently the sixth and final volume to the story, "Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour", was released, and needless to say it did not disappoint. The art took an impressive leap from its already awesome level. The spot color shading is so ruddy cool looking that it makes me wish shade worked that way in real life. I wont talk about the content in case you've not read any of the books prior, but let's just say that it kicks-ass like a 150-hit-combo-super-crossover-combination-FINISH!and leave it at that. I'm very happy to have picked up that first volume when i was visiting a Berkley comic book store called Comic Relief. It was impulse really, and the bright orange colour jumped out at me, and the Wind Waker eyes on the cover were too cool to ignore. If you know me at all, you know orange is my favourite colour in the rainbouw. I'm not the least bit disappointed that the story came to an end, because all the best ones do. It also leaves the prospect of new and exciting stories for the author to do. And with the phenomenal success of the book, and the already dizzying recognition of the film, that means the world will be watching. Pressure much? But not much too much.

This series really did have quite an impact on me, the art style was unique, the dialogue was humorous, the romantic complications were relate-able, and the video game aura of it all really spoke to me on a lot of levels. Pun intended. To quote myself, "It's the coolest book I've ever read." So if you haven't read Scott Pilgrim, do yourself a favour. And I don't mean make a PB&J sammy and take a nap. GO READ IT!

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