TrophyCard Update

This is from the Playstation 3 Trophy Leaderboards which has roughly 45,000 other people, and I'm ranked 1,606. Not too shabby. Not too impressive either...

spookydonkey Trophy Card

My New Favourite Thing

Is this video, featuring Team Fortress 2, what I've taken to calling Nope-Neck, and the brilliant fucks of sir George Carlin.

Fully Ramblomatic

If you're not already familiar with Yahtzee and his brilliant Zero Punctuation Video Game Review Webseries, then feel free to shamble on over to the Escapist website and start your marathon viewing now. He's recently taken up the cause of sticking up for video game rights, although its not to say that he hasn't always, but now its with the backing of the Video Game Voters Network. Here's some free promotion for the whole thing.

Good luck

and other banal expressions used to spur students forward. Gambare!
Oh, and don't forget, if you ever need some help, or just a hug, companion cube loves you.


The chain link fence creaked shut behind me as I began searching for my keys. The moment I felt them jingle in my pocket as I was struck by a sheet of ice cold water freezing me in my tracks. It probably shouldn't have taken me as long as it did to realize how slow the water was passing me, from left to right. After watching it finish passing over me, Taking a few steps back, I tried to shake off as much water as I could, but I was already drenched, and having to drive in a windowless Jeep was not going to be comfortable, but what other choice did I have? In other news, Bristol Palin was on Dancing with the Stars, and scored a 6-6-6. That's right folks, the mark of the beast. Awesome, or just funny?

The Hits Keep On Comin'

The arcade edition of Street Fighter 4 will features SFIII's Yun and Yang. Exciting times.

New Roster Reveals for Marvel vs Capcom 3, we have the evil Wesker, and everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider Man, which is a really big win for me.

And also X-23 and Tron Bonne also included recently. This means that if costumes are permitting, you could pick grey versions of Wolverine, X-23, and Deadpool, to recreate X-Force squad. But the orage costume on deadpool is going to be my personal favourite, I can already tell.

Virtual Hero

There are times, when I have to wait. Since I'm playing video games all the time, that means my little virtual cowboy is waiting too. In a wide open old west, with trains to rob, cattle to steal, and rabbits to shoot, my little virtual cowboy is simply waiting. In a virtual Mexican village, for its virtual sheriff, to post a virtual bounty, on a virtual bandito. And while that little virtual sheriff takes his damn sweet time to get over to this virtual signpost, my virtual cowboy waits, for my virtual commands.

And I stop and think. This has been quite a summer. I learned that love doesn't exist, then later I learned I was a fucking moron. Waiting in lines for hours in the blinding sun for a brief moment that increases your coolness by +5, is worth every point. I learned that things you think are cool, are only cool, until everyone else thinks they are cool. I learned that indifference is really, like, whatever.

Stephen Hawking learned that science made god unnecessary if you want to explain the creation of our universe. I used to think that if I was forced to chose a religion, it would have to be Luck, with a capital El. and Hawking kind of proved my point to me better than I could. With gravity being the dominant factor in the forming of our universe, mixed with enough time for things to eventually gravitate close enough to shape a world that happens to have a suitable enough atmosphere, along with the proper distance from a star of a specific mass, could you eventually have life in the galaxy. The fact that its us, as we just so happen to be, is luck. But that means that if I believe in luck as a religion, that I could pray to luck in the hopes of getting more of it on my side. But I've always considered myself a rather lucky individual. I mean come on, you don't realize that you've left your keys in the ignition of your windowless jeep, while gallivanting around campus as many times as i have, without knowing your a lucky son of a bitch.

There was music, movies, merriment, migrations, Mondays, maladies, maybes, might-be's, madams, and meager mornings.

There was prongs,bongs,throngs of thongs, songs, rights, and their inevitable wrongs.

No doubt at every moment, somewhere out there, there were monsters that were mobbed, cradles that were robbed, innocents that were bombed while lips were balmed, rocks were lobbed as tears were sobbed, and lets not forget the peeping toms on seedy dot coms.

There was cats, hats, brats, chats, flats, tats, bats, and no shortage of drats.

There was a few seconds of my heart beating with the pure force of combat, finding the inside of an emptiness so fleeting, that its no different than being seen during a flash of lightning. Two opponents defined by only what is seen beyond their fists. I denounced all superstition, and discovered that my personal court card is "the fool". Its been quite a summer indeed. Then the little virtual sheriff, posts his virtual bounty, for a virtual bandito, who if brought in dead or alive is worth a sum of virtual money, and my little virtual cowboy stands stiff, awaiting commands from my virtual hands. But they don't come. The game shuts off because I cant bear to waste another second using my real time in a virtual old west. So in the endless void that is a shutoff computer entertainment system, is a virtual place, where virtual beings, await their virtual hero.

Gaming Gab: QTEs

Quick Time Events were popularized by the cult classic Shenmue on the Sega Dreamcast. A dramatic sequence would take place wherein the player would be tasked with pressing the corresponding button with on screen commands fast enough, lest they lose and have to start over. Intense chase sequences and martial arts combat were some of the things QTEs were known for. You go to sit back and focus on a reflexive button press, and got to see some spectacular results from the hero doing, as well as some cool directing for increased cinematic effect. The best example of the evolution of Quick Time Events as a form of immersion for video game players, in my opinion, would have to be the first level of God of War 2 for the Playstation 2. All throughout the level, the massive Colossus of Rhodes would be plaguing Kratos, and whenever the opportunity arose, the god of war would fling himself at his giant enemy, and throughout the process of several superb QTEs, he whittled the colossus down to bitch status. Which is what Kratos does best.
However, this Quick Time Event Tactic has been incredibly overused during the current generation of consoles. Playstation3, Wii, & Xbox360 often find their games relying heavily on QTEs to pad a lackluster game experience. Having long awaited boss fights being completely removed in lieu of a few well timed button taps is nowhere near as gratifying as actually getting to fight them. The new Bionic Commando was a horrible game, and the fact that the final boss fight took about twenty seconds and asked that you pressed square five or so times, was one of the reasons. Gamers should never have to mash X to open anything, ever again. I find myself looking quizzically at cans of juice or beer bottles, and wondering if when I reach over to open it, a command prompt is going to appear above my head and ask me to press X as fast as I can. Spider-Man 3 was packed with quick time events where nothing of interest even happened. Swinging through a sewer system devoid of enemies is not worthy of a cinematic embrace. Then again, neither was that movie. BOOSH!


I wasn't usually late but that day I was. Finding my way lazily to the tardy line, my ex-girlfriend was the last person in line before I got there. She turned her head, giant hoops swinging in the wind, and asked me if I knew that we were under attack. Obviously I had no idea what we were talking about. Then I realized that the line was getting longer, with no signs of moving at all. Standing on my tiptoes, I looked over the line and into the offices. "Grown-Ups" huddled around a tv screen. We were eventually waved off when the second period bell rang. The rest off the day went by in a haze of stern looks and quiet tears by our silent teachers. The new principle made a speech about the tragedy, but we were kids, what did we know anyway? It didn't really sink in until later that night, when on some news channel, a reporter who was nearby, looked at a massive rolling dust cloud, which stopped him and his cameraman in their tracks, dumbfounded. Chaos. It barreled over everything and knocked them both over. I just beat Red Dead Redemption, and there is a weathered grave which says, "we will never forget".

Gaming Gab: Buttons

Just because a modern video game console controller has twelve buttons, and three directional controls (not to mention the chance of motion sensing control), does not, should not, mean that we have to use every single one of them. Streamlining controls has been forgotten in lieu of simply using as many buttons as possible. Not completely but most top tier titles use as many buttons as possible, and its becoming increasingly never wrecking. Exceptions can be made for fighting games, but even in that circumstance there are long standing franchises that only use three of four buttons. Namco is a prime example of only using four buttons to execute a dizzying number of attacks and combination, that it makes you wonder why those pesky shoulder buttons have to be involved in the first place. Smash Bros. works perfectly with only three buttons! One to attack, one to perform special attacks, and one more to block. These vary when combined, and change depending on the direction you move the character.

It may sound like I'm picking a fight that doesn't need picking, but when Street Fighter began relying on the use of a "x3 button", things started going sour. How did you like that transition about picking fights into Street Fighter? I agree, it sucked, but I digress. Gone was the need to actually press three buttons at the same time to pull off some kind of ultimate technique. In arcades or on the couch, you used to be able to see people getting their fingers ready to press all three buttons at once, thus telegraphing their intentions. Unless of course you were up against a pro who surprised you with a perfectly timed move without so much as batting an eye. Instead, the usually forgotten left sided shoulder buttons we implemented as "x3 punch" and "x3 kick". Unless I'm tagging in a new character to fight, the left shoulder buttons should be what they were meant to be. "Unassigned". Maybe I'm just tired from poorly integrated motion sensor controls driving me crazy. Or maybe it was a childhood full of games which killed you in one hit, and gave you no continues or extra lives to try again. But a rant on difficulty is another topic for another time. For now let's just try and pay attention to all the fingers at work here. PC games have the classic mouse and keyboard setup. WADS works great despite the clamoring of fingers dancing across the keyboard at any given moment. It shouldn't take six fingers to play video games. Four? sure. Two would be ideal. Your thumbs.

(BTW, did u notice the site got a presentational upgrade? I bet you did!)

Brian Lee O'Malley book signing in Giant Robot in La

A few weeks ago the creator of Scott Pilgrim and Lost At Sea, a one Brian Lee O'Malley, was in Los Angeles for an autograph session at the wonderful art store/magazine, Giant Robot. I was lucky enough to be able to attend and get a poster signed, one that is clearly inspired by the Darkstalkers franchise, and I have to say the CAPCOM letter font is so ruddy awesome. Anyways, while scouring the vast interwebs, i stumbled upon some youtube videos of the days events, and in one video, you actually get to see me standing in line. Can you tell which it is? Well I'm holding the poster tube on my shoulder wearing a red shirt and shades, and am 29 seconds in. But if you already know me, then you already know me, and should already know to know me.
Know for your viewings pleasures.