Brian Lee O'Malley book signing in Giant Robot in La

A few weeks ago the creator of Scott Pilgrim and Lost At Sea, a one Brian Lee O'Malley, was in Los Angeles for an autograph session at the wonderful art store/magazine, Giant Robot. I was lucky enough to be able to attend and get a poster signed, one that is clearly inspired by the Darkstalkers franchise, and I have to say the CAPCOM letter font is so ruddy awesome. Anyways, while scouring the vast interwebs, i stumbled upon some youtube videos of the days events, and in one video, you actually get to see me standing in line. Can you tell which it is? Well I'm holding the poster tube on my shoulder wearing a red shirt and shades, and am 29 seconds in. But if you already know me, then you already know me, and should already know to know me.
Know for your viewings pleasures.

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Anonymous said...

You're in the first video! Haha. It looks like it was a hot day.