Virtual Hero

There are times, when I have to wait. Since I'm playing video games all the time, that means my little virtual cowboy is waiting too. In a wide open old west, with trains to rob, cattle to steal, and rabbits to shoot, my little virtual cowboy is simply waiting. In a virtual Mexican village, for its virtual sheriff, to post a virtual bounty, on a virtual bandito. And while that little virtual sheriff takes his damn sweet time to get over to this virtual signpost, my virtual cowboy waits, for my virtual commands.

And I stop and think. This has been quite a summer. I learned that love doesn't exist, then later I learned I was a fucking moron. Waiting in lines for hours in the blinding sun for a brief moment that increases your coolness by +5, is worth every point. I learned that things you think are cool, are only cool, until everyone else thinks they are cool. I learned that indifference is really, like, whatever.

Stephen Hawking learned that science made god unnecessary if you want to explain the creation of our universe. I used to think that if I was forced to chose a religion, it would have to be Luck, with a capital El. and Hawking kind of proved my point to me better than I could. With gravity being the dominant factor in the forming of our universe, mixed with enough time for things to eventually gravitate close enough to shape a world that happens to have a suitable enough atmosphere, along with the proper distance from a star of a specific mass, could you eventually have life in the galaxy. The fact that its us, as we just so happen to be, is luck. But that means that if I believe in luck as a religion, that I could pray to luck in the hopes of getting more of it on my side. But I've always considered myself a rather lucky individual. I mean come on, you don't realize that you've left your keys in the ignition of your windowless jeep, while gallivanting around campus as many times as i have, without knowing your a lucky son of a bitch.

There was music, movies, merriment, migrations, Mondays, maladies, maybes, might-be's, madams, and meager mornings.

There was prongs,bongs,throngs of thongs, songs, rights, and their inevitable wrongs.

No doubt at every moment, somewhere out there, there were monsters that were mobbed, cradles that were robbed, innocents that were bombed while lips were balmed, rocks were lobbed as tears were sobbed, and lets not forget the peeping toms on seedy dot coms.

There was cats, hats, brats, chats, flats, tats, bats, and no shortage of drats.

There was a few seconds of my heart beating with the pure force of combat, finding the inside of an emptiness so fleeting, that its no different than being seen during a flash of lightning. Two opponents defined by only what is seen beyond their fists. I denounced all superstition, and discovered that my personal court card is "the fool". Its been quite a summer indeed. Then the little virtual sheriff, posts his virtual bounty, for a virtual bandito, who if brought in dead or alive is worth a sum of virtual money, and my little virtual cowboy stands stiff, awaiting commands from my virtual hands. But they don't come. The game shuts off because I cant bear to waste another second using my real time in a virtual old west. So in the endless void that is a shutoff computer entertainment system, is a virtual place, where virtual beings, await their virtual hero.


Anonymous said...

+2 for writing
+5 for writing creatively
+10 for having the stones to write about yourself on the internet.

Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

I just read this again because I wanted to give you some valuable criticism and I thought, wait, does this mean that you've finally accepted the existence of love? Could it be that I, Belen, was right, again?