What we learned?

After checking my email today and logging out, I was redirected to a page with the latest headlines from news and entertainment. The first headline to appear read: What we learned from NFL week 8. Which implies that anything can be learned from watching the NFL, and that would be wrong. Now I'm lead to believe that something can be learned each week? Preposterous.

What I did learn this week was that the most popular costume at parties this year has been, "trendy douche whose to cool to actually wear a costume". There was a few people in neat getups, and I give mad respect to people who can make costumes out of their wardrobe. Being creative goes leagues further than a costume which already came prepackaged in a plastic bag. Minnie Mouse based around a vintage polka dot dress was awesome, despite my not being a fan of that company or its characters.

Halloween is a hell of a time! pun intended.

Pandora's Box (1929) : Silent Film Review

So let's talk about a little silent German film titled, "Pandora's Box" from 1929, starring one Louise Brooks. She portrayed a very beautiful woman in the lead role of "Lulu", but it may have been her short haircut that had me so enthralled. I have a weakness for short hair see? Its reached the Megaman Boss level, where you hit me with my weakness three times and I'm absolutely vanquished. I noticed that her outfit had a flesh colored fabric that covered the center of her chest, but was cut down to the navel, so the cleavage that should have been there was not visible (completely). Now whether this was censorship, or a fashion choice, is unclear to me, especially in black and white colour. This film had good acting, and there was an emphasis on close-up shot of actors, in order to showcase subtle changes in their facial features. This was a welcome change, as the over acting found in previous silent films was beginning to become annoying. Flailing your arms like a madman and fixing your hat/tie a dozen times, just doesn't compete.

Trying to end an affair, a ritzy man struggles futilely to break his passionate yearnings for Lulu. This film showed the "power" that women had over men, so long as they kicked and screamed enough it seemed that every man in the film was absolutely powerless to her every whim, due to her immense beauty of course. This notion of women in power, albeit a rather linear one, stands in direct contrast to the previous screening, "The Sheik"(blogged about this one way back, if you fancy a read, check April of 2010), wherein women were powerless to the strength of men. The title, "Pandora's Box", must be alluding to both the Greek fable, as well as female physiology. Once Pandora's Box is opened, and all its mischief released, it can never be closed. Like herpes.

This movie used a soft lens camera to make the women appear more dramatically, by affecting the lighting in which they are in, making things look glossy. Act 3 took place behind the scenes of a live variety show. There were numerous jokes going on in the background during this sequence and the heightened sense of humor was very welcome. The actor playing the theater director must have been a comedian, as his mix of physical slapstick, and subtle expressive timing, were positively superb.

There was a portrayal of dark haired women being promiscuous, seductive, and coercive. Having dark hair myself, I can attest that this is not true, sometimes. There was definitely a lesbian theme with the other female character named, "Gershwitz", and she was very clearly romantically interested in Lulu from the moment she was introduced.

The band playing at Lulu's party in Act.4 was named, "Sid Kay's Fellows". The male lead character gets shot because he simply cannot reconcile his jealous nature, with his bad habit of walking in on a situation and completely misinterpret what he sees with full conviction. After his death, there is a court that tries her for murder in Act.5, and the head judge looks similar to Gary Oldman.

The man's son takes over as the male lead, as well as romantic interest for Lulu. She escapes captivity, and begins a new life on the lam with her new beau. From here she is sold into an Egyptian harem, ensuing murder plots via beautiful hypnotism, all culminating in a new profession for Lulu. Prostitution. And just like any story, whenever the main character resorts to prostitution at the end of the final act, guess who her first client is? That's right. Jack The Ripper. He even throws away his knife, sparing her, but after passing up another knife in her kitchen, he murders her. For laughs, I like to think that he cut her up and sold her in his Pie n' Mash shop for a few euros.


Because honestly, who calls these vid's anymore? That is SO 2010.

A little falcon PUNCH for you.

Lets Wrestle - I Won't Lie To You.

And what else is there in this wonderful little infinite subspace inside my computer? How about a dash of MEGA64? Why not, since prostitution is the world's oldest profession, why not get some practice? Here's their rendition of Dig Dug. Gotta love that song.

Good luck to anyone willing to take it!

skipped skopped, blipped blopped

Have a healthy heaping of harebrained hypnotism by people who aren't me. Be entertained!

The inside of my PS3 only has broken dreams and wasted time, but THIS PS3 has a, what?

I knew Pokemon was up to no good, that cheeky cunt Oak.
Also, big ups yourself for reading this blog. Its pretty great isn't it? I mean look at you sitting there, letting me waste your time is a pretty flattering thing. Because we both know you'll never get that time back. It's gone. Kaput. Spent. Other euphemisms for used up. I guess what I'm really trying to say is, thanks.
t(=_= t)~~

Infra-man (1979)

This is a movie review of Infra-man form 1979, brought to you by Cinemassacre's Monster Madness, where they review classic horror movies that are incredibly bad, to the point where they are laughably good. James Rolfe is the narrator, and some of you might now him as The Angry Video Game Nerd, and if you don't, well, I guess you probably should. Anyways, here's Infre-man! BOOM!

IGN: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 review

Since I don't have the funds to get this game and actually give a review of my own, for the time being, we have IGN's video review of this game for XBOX360, and PS3. Although there's no mention of online multi player but I've heard its there. The gameplay footage looks fantastic, and the cutscenes are clean enough to light my bushy brows on fire witht he springtime of youth!

Hyper Crossover Combination Finish!

This weekend has four new characters joining the roster of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, and boy are they something worth noting The first new addition is Arthur from the iconic Ghosts & Goblins game, in honour of this announcement I spent the weekend playing that game on my Nintendo, and that game is hard! Mostly due to stiff jumping controls, relentless platforming, and checkpoints that are farther apart than any game I've ever played before. So without further delay, here's Arthur (note the heart boxers)!

The next addition on the CAPCOM side of the fence is Nathan "RAD" Spencer from the Bionic Commando series. Why on Earth they would choose to use the new Bionic Commando is completely beyond me, because that game was atrocious. From both a character standpoint as well as gameplay one, that game was so inferior to the classic Bionic Commando from the 8-Bit era, we can only hope that there is an option to use the classic skin from the original game. During the fight intro's he and Iron Man can be heard engaging in banter!

The master of magnetism joins the ranks, as everyone's favourite X-Men villain Magneto enters the fray! He can pull off two supers in a row, which leads me to believe he isn't the only character to be able to do this, so it's possibly a new gameplay mechanic. His moveset doesn't seem to have changed really, just given the next-gen facelift, and his voice acting sounds more appropriate than it has before. Of note is his attack range, or "hit box", which still seems just as unfair as it did back in previous games. Here's hoping CAPCOM tunes his priority to make the game balanced. Enough complaining, here's the video!

Finally, the ultimate news in character roster reveals quite possibly ever (well, not really) is Marvel's very own Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, otherwise feared as the deadly (and funny looking) M.O.D.O.K.! A classic foe of the Avengers, both on individual terms as well as a team. He's no joke, and his tiny arms and legs make him appear puny, but his psionic powers combined with the technology of his hover-chair make him a devastating force to be reckoned with.

Finally we have a new video showing off the new characters in the midst of combat from NY Comic-Con. The only reason I wanted to post this video too was because it features Spider-Man in his iconic all black suit. Which is just, too, awesome. Enjoy!


I'm not sure why I've spent the last few days following this line of inquiry, but something's been on my mind. Since hearing about the new Pokemon Silver and Black editions coming out in Japan, I began to wonder something. If women found Pokemon sexy, how many guys would carry around a Gameboy in their pockets, with full rosters of max level Pokemon sitting around? Guys would creep up to women and ask them, "Want to see my Pokedex?" or worse yet, "Want to come back to my place and swap Pokemon?" Would there be a whole slew of talking dirty revolving around using a water attacks all over a girls earth type face, and at the moment of climax screaming, "Its super effective!" I'm not sure why this came to me but I can't seem to get the idea out of my head. Girls would bully losers into leveling up their Pokemon for them while they went off gallivanting out on the town. Maybe we'd have free health care like they do in that world too, so long as we go out and get into fights daily, we could always return to the same generic nurse to heal us up in a matter of minutes! It wouldn't all be so bad. Ok that's all I'll say about this, and now, for your viewing pleasure, some animations found on Halolz, and although they aren't moving here for some reason, are wonderfully animated on their website so go check them out!

Links Barrel Beat and other news

School has kicked back in so I've been spacing out pretty hard about this blog. I'm talking CEO of Spacely Sprockets. Worry not faithful readers for I will certainly try and get some brief fiction in here from time and again for the literary audience. No doubt if there are any new roster reveals for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, you'll no doubt hear about it here, after hearing it from somewhere else first obviously. Randomness from the interwebs will also be guest starring in lieu of actual things worth saying. If I had a camera of my own that was legit, too legit to quit, then I would include more visual things of my own like photos and videos but for the time being your appetite will have to be sated with whatever I can muster. That doesn't sound too enthusiastic does it? Hmm...

In any case, if you think my taste in awesomeness may have diminished at all, I'll go ahead and restore your faith by showing you Link's Barrel Beat which I found on Halolz, who found it on Newgrounds. Pay close enough attention and you can see the hat of the purple Link slowly rising from the center of the barrell before getting shoved back down. The dopest beat I've heard in quiet sometime. Also, after like two minutes the animation stops doing new things and it's just a loop. Please to enjoy!