Links Barrel Beat and other news

School has kicked back in so I've been spacing out pretty hard about this blog. I'm talking CEO of Spacely Sprockets. Worry not faithful readers for I will certainly try and get some brief fiction in here from time and again for the literary audience. No doubt if there are any new roster reveals for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, you'll no doubt hear about it here, after hearing it from somewhere else first obviously. Randomness from the interwebs will also be guest starring in lieu of actual things worth saying. If I had a camera of my own that was legit, too legit to quit, then I would include more visual things of my own like photos and videos but for the time being your appetite will have to be sated with whatever I can muster. That doesn't sound too enthusiastic does it? Hmm...

In any case, if you think my taste in awesomeness may have diminished at all, I'll go ahead and restore your faith by showing you Link's Barrel Beat which I found on Halolz, who found it on Newgrounds. Pay close enough attention and you can see the hat of the purple Link slowly rising from the center of the barrell before getting shoved back down. The dopest beat I've heard in quiet sometime. Also, after like two minutes the animation stops doing new things and it's just a loop. Please to enjoy!

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