I'm not sure why I've spent the last few days following this line of inquiry, but something's been on my mind. Since hearing about the new Pokemon Silver and Black editions coming out in Japan, I began to wonder something. If women found Pokemon sexy, how many guys would carry around a Gameboy in their pockets, with full rosters of max level Pokemon sitting around? Guys would creep up to women and ask them, "Want to see my Pokedex?" or worse yet, "Want to come back to my place and swap Pokemon?" Would there be a whole slew of talking dirty revolving around using a water attacks all over a girls earth type face, and at the moment of climax screaming, "Its super effective!" I'm not sure why this came to me but I can't seem to get the idea out of my head. Girls would bully losers into leveling up their Pokemon for them while they went off gallivanting out on the town. Maybe we'd have free health care like they do in that world too, so long as we go out and get into fights daily, we could always return to the same generic nurse to heal us up in a matter of minutes! It wouldn't all be so bad. Ok that's all I'll say about this, and now, for your viewing pleasure, some animations found on Halolz, and although they aren't moving here for some reason, are wonderfully animated on their website so go check them out!

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