skipped skopped, blipped blopped

Have a healthy heaping of harebrained hypnotism by people who aren't me. Be entertained!

The inside of my PS3 only has broken dreams and wasted time, but THIS PS3 has a, what?

I knew Pokemon was up to no good, that cheeky cunt Oak.
Also, big ups yourself for reading this blog. Its pretty great isn't it? I mean look at you sitting there, letting me waste your time is a pretty flattering thing. Because we both know you'll never get that time back. It's gone. Kaput. Spent. Other euphemisms for used up. I guess what I'm really trying to say is, thanks.
t(=_= t)~~


Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

Lady bLu said...

Guess who is getting paid to read this? That’s right I AM! (technically). Therefore substituting a few daily tasks for your blog doesn’t seem like a waste of time…If anything it prevents me from an overload on my robotic tasks…. even if it involves a fury creature and the word “cunt” LoL. Plus! the way I see it, the longer this comment is… the longer it takes you to read it…. as a result we break even [gasp].

Keep blogging/writing!

checho said...

I got nothing BUT, bill?? Besides, that's what time is for: wasting! Drinking, smoking, eating, shitting (hopefully NOT at the same time), coitus (without procreation). These are all essential functions of human beings. I consider reading your blog to be one such function because laughing is also an important time waster. All of these things make time seem like it's going faster. On the other hand, work, interpersonal relations, caring, love, coitus (for procreation), and responsibilities are, well I suppose those are time wasters too.... anyways the point is: I enjoy your weblog because wasting time is what I do best. Keep up the mindless mindlessness!!