What we learned?

After checking my email today and logging out, I was redirected to a page with the latest headlines from news and entertainment. The first headline to appear read: What we learned from NFL week 8. Which implies that anything can be learned from watching the NFL, and that would be wrong. Now I'm lead to believe that something can be learned each week? Preposterous.

What I did learn this week was that the most popular costume at parties this year has been, "trendy douche whose to cool to actually wear a costume". There was a few people in neat getups, and I give mad respect to people who can make costumes out of their wardrobe. Being creative goes leagues further than a costume which already came prepackaged in a plastic bag. Minnie Mouse based around a vintage polka dot dress was awesome, despite my not being a fan of that company or its characters.

Halloween is a hell of a time! pun intended.


Anonymous said...

I learned that nothing is free.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of Disney either, for various reasons. However, I did own everything made parts of it, so I'll give myself partial credit :) Either way it was a pleasure meeting you.