Video Games. I play them. Excessively. Escapist? Absolutely. Entertaining? Certainly. Essential? You bet your sweet bippy. Do people still say that? Anyways, this morning I earned the Platinum Trophy for the game Fallout: New Vegas. What's a Platinum Trophy you ask? Well, you heathen you, it's when you have unlocked all the other trophies/achievements for a specific game, thus unlocking the final, or platinum, one. It's essentially a stamp of completion that I can use to rank my standing against other people earning their own trophies/achievements around the world. If you don't know what trophies/achievements are, well there's just no helping you is there? Fallout: New Vegas is my 30th platinum. On the official PS3 leadarboards there are about 36,000 registered users, my current rank is 989, so I broke into the top 1,000 globally. My USA rank is 353 out of 8,300 users, breaking the 500 ranks with home court advantage on my side. So I guess there's that. Well, as they say in playgrounds all across America, "Platty Boom Blatty, it's time to smoke a Fatty!"

p.s. that's Clyde checking out my trophies, and if you don't know who Clyde is, well there's just no helping you is there?

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Roster Reveal

We have two exciting new additions to the character roster for Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and I am VERY pleased with them. The first new character is Jennifer Walters, also known as SHE-HULK! Not only is she a great lawyer, but she can also kick some serious ass. And with long luscious green legs kicking you in the face, you know your in for a good time. I'm not sure what it is about green women, but I have a serious weak spot for them. That, however, is aside the point. You'll be able to play as her in the upcoming fighter, Marvel vs Capcom 3, which is a surprising choice, for a character who has pretty much every comic book series she stars in get canceled. She seems like a speedy grappler type, similar to Alex from Street Fighter 3, but this is a guestimation based on the fighting footage, shown here.

Our next Capcom hero (and I say ours because he's your hero as much as he is mine) is the legendary Zero, of the Megaman X fame. There has been a different version of Zero that appeared in a Capcom vs. SNK game if i recall correctly, but he was the Gameboy advance rendition of the character. The Zero we have here is the classic version that we were first introduced to back on the Super Nintendo, complete with incredibly massive stark yellow ponytail in all its glory. Will the blue bomber, Megaman, be showing up in this game too? He's a little too high profile not to.

Also to be noted, that the collectors edition of the game, when released in mid February by the way, is including a coupon that will allow you to download and play as Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath, but only for up to four weeks, which you have to assume means they will be available as DLC in the future, which is kind of messed up, but the collectors edition is only ten dollars more, so it's not that big of a ripoff. Not when compared to some collectors editions that are nearly thirty to forty dollars more, and just come in a shiny tin case of a clunky box that wont fit in your dvd rack.

My Top 30 Favourite Films, but not really

I have finally complied enough films to make up my top 30 favourite movies, and although they aren't ranked in order quite yet (I'm working on it), the list is as about complete as its going to get. I'm trying to not have more than one film by the same director, but there are a few directors who get the privilege to have two of their works appear on the list.
How do you just choose one Tarantino movie?
Which would you choose?
It's a dill of a pickle but a fun distraction, and a welcome one at that. Not that I'm plenty distracted enough, but that's aside the point. My idea is for this list of my personal top 30 films to by my blog project for December. I doubt I will have the capacity/responsibility/attention span to post one movie everyday, so odds are they will be posted in three/six large segments. Where I put up ten/five movies starting at the bottom of the list and work my way to the predictable number one movie.
Why do I say predictable?
Because I like to tease people, so don't take it too personally when I don't tell you what it is. Until it comes time to start revealing the movies, I wont say another word about them.
I might.
If you ask nicely enough.
Nicer than that.
Scale it back 5%.
OK fine I'll tell you the number one movie on my list.

Nah, I'm just kidding I wont tell you. You'll have to wait for next month just like everyone else! Cheeky sod.

Amazing Spider Man #648

Bought Amazing Spider Man issue number 648
today, the start of the "BIG TIME" story arc which is drawn by the brilliant Humberto Ramos, and yes that is what its called. For those of you who haven't read any of the last six hundred issues, I'll sum it up for you like this. Spider man punches bad guy in the face, any characters that die are resurrected in six months to a year, rinse and repeat, and you're pretty much caught up. Spidey comics come out at least three times a month, which is quite a lot, since comic books are traditionally released once per month (or longer even). That's just ASM (Amazing Spider Man, now you're hip), if you take other Spider-Man comics into consideration, you can have a whole lot more.

I don't buy as many comics as I used to, primarily because I can't afford it. That and the advertisements really anger me. Also, the inability to put these comic books on a book shelf in their individual issue format is something I can't permit any more. I'd rather buy the collection, colloquially known as trade paperback (I don't like hardcovers because they cost more), so that i can put slide them into my bookshelf, to easily present, and lend, to others. Spider-Man is a guilty pleasure, and something I've done ever since I was a kid. I even have a shirt from Inland Empire Atheists that says "Friendly Neighborhood Atheist", which makes me feel doubly awesome as a Spidey fan. THWIP!

Wednesday is comic book day.

Never forget that.

And because I love the wall crawler so much, I figured an obligatory wallpaper would be a nice treat, which is also drawn by Ramos. My awesome sense is tingling!

slow hands cover by biLL

uploaded and edited via PS3. filmed a few weeks ago before an open mic. The mid song edit is rough, but you must understand there was this single frame that the video would get stuck on halfway through, and the video wouldn't save/upload unless I removed those few seconds, hence the crappyness. thats me. thats my guitar. the cat is tiger, it is not mine. please to enjoy it!

Snippets of Crickets! 100th post!

This is my 100th blog post, and it won't be very long. I'm not celebrating or anything, seriously. I'm not sitting in my room at 3a.m. with a party hat and running mascara or anything. Not anymore. Anyways, I hope you all head a good weekend and that Halloween wasn't a bust for anyone. It has come to my attention that it is now November, which means that my participation in National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNoWriMo, has begun, and by the months end I damn well better have a 50,000 word story finished. Does it need to be good? No. Will it be good? Certainly not. Will I be revealing juicy details about my work on this very blog? Negative.

What I will say is this, I get to play the role of god. And I refuse to spell that with a capital letter because it's not a name, its a job. Now I don't mean it in the sense that as the creator of this story I can do whatever I want and have complete control over anything and everything in this tale, but more in the sense that I feel like god playing the role of narrator quite literally. I will be god, who is picking on an atheist, in a very religious community, and watching him squirm under my omnipotent thumb like the miserable little wretch that he is!

What compelled me to sound so malevolent just now?

Maybe I was drunk on power. The mystifying power of pretend!

OK I won't be that harsh on our main character. I don't mean to sound as if I'm going to be hurling bolts of lightning at the poor chap while he's asleep or anything. It should sound more like I've sat right next to you, and said, "hey, look at that guy over there. he's about to slip on a banana peel in three, two, one. there we go. nice meeting you." Now just think of it more as a 50 thousand word banana peel, and we might be more on track.

On top of school, and this project, I sincerely doubt my ability to post insightful new non-video related blogs during the month of November. Now now, don't let that dissuade you from checking in every once in awhile (or everyday) because I may just be able to post snippets of crickets that will help pass the time, or minute. Odds are I'll post a song that captures the vibe of the day/week/year/lifespan if I can, and maybe you'll like it? You probably won't. But hey, it takes all sorts to make a world. Right? Of course I'm right you dolt!

Tonight in my local downtown scene, the people are celebrating Dia De Los Muertos, and I plan to attend. Will I jump jive and wail? To no avail. Before you depart, please have a listen to one of the songs from the PC video game classic, Grim Fandango, just to get you in the mood. Created by the brilliant and humorous Tim Schafer, who made Psychonauts and more recently, Brutual Legend. Thanks for reading, I can't tell you how awesome it feels to have a reader, let alone three, and here's to another 100 blog posts! Enjoy!