Amazing Spider Man #648

Bought Amazing Spider Man issue number 648
today, the start of the "BIG TIME" story arc which is drawn by the brilliant Humberto Ramos, and yes that is what its called. For those of you who haven't read any of the last six hundred issues, I'll sum it up for you like this. Spider man punches bad guy in the face, any characters that die are resurrected in six months to a year, rinse and repeat, and you're pretty much caught up. Spidey comics come out at least three times a month, which is quite a lot, since comic books are traditionally released once per month (or longer even). That's just ASM (Amazing Spider Man, now you're hip), if you take other Spider-Man comics into consideration, you can have a whole lot more.

I don't buy as many comics as I used to, primarily because I can't afford it. That and the advertisements really anger me. Also, the inability to put these comic books on a book shelf in their individual issue format is something I can't permit any more. I'd rather buy the collection, colloquially known as trade paperback (I don't like hardcovers because they cost more), so that i can put slide them into my bookshelf, to easily present, and lend, to others. Spider-Man is a guilty pleasure, and something I've done ever since I was a kid. I even have a shirt from Inland Empire Atheists that says "Friendly Neighborhood Atheist", which makes me feel doubly awesome as a Spidey fan. THWIP!

Wednesday is comic book day.

Never forget that.

And because I love the wall crawler so much, I figured an obligatory wallpaper would be a nice treat, which is also drawn by Ramos. My awesome sense is tingling!

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