My Top 30 Favourite Films, but not really

I have finally complied enough films to make up my top 30 favourite movies, and although they aren't ranked in order quite yet (I'm working on it), the list is as about complete as its going to get. I'm trying to not have more than one film by the same director, but there are a few directors who get the privilege to have two of their works appear on the list.
How do you just choose one Tarantino movie?
Which would you choose?
It's a dill of a pickle but a fun distraction, and a welcome one at that. Not that I'm plenty distracted enough, but that's aside the point. My idea is for this list of my personal top 30 films to by my blog project for December. I doubt I will have the capacity/responsibility/attention span to post one movie everyday, so odds are they will be posted in three/six large segments. Where I put up ten/five movies starting at the bottom of the list and work my way to the predictable number one movie.
Why do I say predictable?
Because I like to tease people, so don't take it too personally when I don't tell you what it is. Until it comes time to start revealing the movies, I wont say another word about them.
I might.
If you ask nicely enough.
Nicer than that.
Scale it back 5%.
OK fine I'll tell you the number one movie on my list.

Nah, I'm just kidding I wont tell you. You'll have to wait for next month just like everyone else! Cheeky sod.


Anonymous said...

Do I have to wait, too?

SpookyDonkey said...

Since you asked, it's just the movie Home Alone thirty times.