Video Games. I play them. Excessively. Escapist? Absolutely. Entertaining? Certainly. Essential? You bet your sweet bippy. Do people still say that? Anyways, this morning I earned the Platinum Trophy for the game Fallout: New Vegas. What's a Platinum Trophy you ask? Well, you heathen you, it's when you have unlocked all the other trophies/achievements for a specific game, thus unlocking the final, or platinum, one. It's essentially a stamp of completion that I can use to rank my standing against other people earning their own trophies/achievements around the world. If you don't know what trophies/achievements are, well there's just no helping you is there? Fallout: New Vegas is my 30th platinum. On the official PS3 leadarboards there are about 36,000 registered users, my current rank is 989, so I broke into the top 1,000 globally. My USA rank is 353 out of 8,300 users, breaking the 500 ranks with home court advantage on my side. So I guess there's that. Well, as they say in playgrounds all across America, "Platty Boom Blatty, it's time to smoke a Fatty!"

p.s. that's Clyde checking out my trophies, and if you don't know who Clyde is, well there's just no helping you is there?

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