#21 V for Vendetta (2006)

#21 V for Vendetta (2006)

The only thing more captivating than Hugo Weaving’s masterful physicality as V, is Natalie Portman’s gorgeous bald head, in this breathtaking comic book adaptation from the Wachowski brothers of Allen Moore’s “V for Vendetta.” If you don’t remember the fifth of November, then I hope someone burrows a tunnel underneath your house and blows you up, cause everyone should. I remember seeing this movie on my computer screen for the first time, and being blown away by the sound of V’s booming alliteration. Portman as Evey is beautiful, but the character was written originally as a prostitute, so I tried to keep that in mind for the character instead of her being an orphan to enhance the experience of it all. The shape of her skull is entrancing, but maybe I just have a weakness for pretty girls in short hair. The special effects in this move undersell themselves and make it seem as if slow motion is a natural part of life, when paired with the soundtrack, makes for a phenomenal film experience. The verdict? Vengeance.


Checho said...

This movie is shallow beyond words! The wachowskis took a dump all over the graphic novel. Alan Moore wrote about fascism versus anarchism and the movie turned it into some generic struggle of absolute good versus absolute evil with nothing in between. Alan Moore's g/novels don't translate well into film because American movie-making is alot like the American culture in general: they both seek instant gratification; and Moore's novels don't offer that. It takes a while for the characters and themes to be fleshed out, and movies can't afford that kind of time. Anyways, I only criticize because I really like the original comic and the film really commited an injustice! ~Cheers~

desiree said...

Two constructive criticisms:

1. It's the fifth of November, not the fourth. "Remember, remember the fifth of November."

2. Punctuations go inside the quotations.

I had to go into editor mode on you because this film is in my top 5 all time favorites.

SpookyDonkey said...

to checo: sukit
to desiree: corrections submitted