The JRPG debate

This is the latest entry in 16 Bit Gems, which I watch on RetrowareTV, features a brief segment about three minutes long wherein the host Roo, discusses the term JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game). Gotta say that on a personal level I find playing 16-bit JRPGs now, a task devoid of any entertainment, probably due to attention span division over the years. Even modern JRPGs seem like failed attempts at fitting classic molds that are beyond obsolete. After the 80-hour hallway that was FF13, I've considered renaming the genre JKRPG, as in "Just Kidding, this isn't a Role Playing Game", but mainly because you don't get to play a role, as much as you do watch people react to dramatic pauses in regards to a story you've no connection with. But yeah, semantics! Glad to see some Baldur's Gate footage! Dungeons and Dragons REPRESENT! 

MOTHER eight melodies choir

This was used in the original commercial for MOTHER in Japan, and there is something so beautifully connective about this song, it stirs my heart to bursting, as if all people everywhere have helped to defeat some deadly creature from destroying the Earth. This song makes me feels like peace isn't such a foolish notion sometimes, and something to actually be obtained.

~Take a melody Simple as can be Give it some words and sweet harmony Raise your voices All day long now love grows strong now Sing a melody of love oh love~


What follows will be a brief collection of words, and their respective definitions, within the parlance of a specific field of nerd-culture characterized by me, then read by you, the viewer/reader/earthling. Hopefully they can provide both perspective as well as an extended vocabulary.

Scrimpton [scrimp-tuhn] -noun
1. The sound made when treasure or items are obtained.

This can also be shortened when picking up mulitple items, before ending with the full word on the last item. "Scrimp, scrimp, scrimpton!"

Wappit [whap-iht] -noun
1. To strike with great force.
2. A melee attack against a common foe, i.e. a zombie or goblin.

This can also be shortened when used in rapid succession. "Wap. Wap. Wap."

Ding [dhing] -verb
1. A quantifiable increase in level or power.

"I will ding after this encounter."

Brimble [bhrim-bhul] -verb
1. When a significant other rejects an idea.

"I suggested we goto the park, but she brimbled me."

Shaklakey [sha-klahk-ee] -noun
1. Successful execution of a complicated maneuver. 
2. Completion of a complicated task, without error.

"Watch me land this trick. Shaklakey!"