What follows will be a brief collection of words, and their respective definitions, within the parlance of a specific field of nerd-culture characterized by me, then read by you, the viewer/reader/earthling. Hopefully they can provide both perspective as well as an extended vocabulary.

Scrimpton [scrimp-tuhn] -noun
1. The sound made when treasure or items are obtained.

This can also be shortened when picking up mulitple items, before ending with the full word on the last item. "Scrimp, scrimp, scrimpton!"

Wappit [whap-iht] -noun
1. To strike with great force.
2. A melee attack against a common foe, i.e. a zombie or goblin.

This can also be shortened when used in rapid succession. "Wap. Wap. Wap."

Ding [dhing] -verb
1. A quantifiable increase in level or power.

"I will ding after this encounter."

Brimble [bhrim-bhul] -verb
1. When a significant other rejects an idea.

"I suggested we goto the park, but she brimbled me."

Shaklakey [sha-klahk-ee] -noun
1. Successful execution of a complicated maneuver. 
2. Completion of a complicated task, without error.

"Watch me land this trick. Shaklakey!"


Anonymous said...

you really fell into a videogame wormhole over the years, didn't ya? I was never cool enough to be a nerd, so I don't understand the lingo... Wish i did, though. LOL, scrimpton is def my fave.

SpookyDonkey said...

Thanks for checking out dood! And yes, it's quite a wormhole. Honestly this lingo is all made up by yours truly. Just trying to define the sounds I've been using over the years haha. Glad you like, well ANY of them.

(n_n )