One of those days.

Seriously, try not to laugh at 3:05.

After my play was junked as garbage by the professor, I've been in a funk. An A on my paper still hadn't snapped me out of it. A fresh can of soda pop did nothing to cure what ailed me. I'd let down my audience with some tepid writing, and from that there's no elixir. As they say, if you ask a New York cabbie how to get to Carnegie Hall they'll say practice. Practice. Practice. Although the story didn't make me feel any better, this video certainly did. Seriously, try not to laugh at 3:05.


Anonymous said...

it's too bad your play was trashed biru-kun, you let down my expect... oh well, Genki-dashite, biru-kun!

SpookyDonkey said...

jilted. haha. I downloaded all of Satorare too, not sure if it even has subtitles