Digital Incentives

     The second God of War Origins HD collection was just released as a digital download on PSN this week, along with Bulletstorm (which I'm currently playing). Sure, Extra Credits already covered this topic far better than I could ever hope to, but that doesn't meant I should deny the internet my views on the matter, as I have a few issues with the way its being handled.

     For full retail price, you could purchase these games online and  download them straight to your hard drive and play them. My first qualm with this is that you could also buy these games at the same price from a store and have the satisfaction of putting an actual copy of the game on your shelf. Something about being able to see your collection of video games slowly building feels great when you stop and peruse your own library, and a digital download prevents this. This is the nerd collector in me that can't help but love the idea of "the shelf" as a representation of my favourite things. I can't get the same level of satisfaction looking at my Playstation3 and thinking, "Yep. Got the Scott Pilgrim game right there. Yes sir." I'd love to be able to burn a group of PSN titles, as many of them are less than a few hundred megabytes, onto a DVD or Blu-Ray and slide them into the rest of my games library. If I'm going to have to pay full price for a game, I might as well have the plastic case, insert, disc, and booklet to slide into my shelf. 

     Another reason I'm dissatisfied with these digital downloads is that there is a complete lack of incentive for purchasing them. They could be promoted as "green" due to less plastic and paper wasted with each one they sell, which is embodied by a price reduction. Or perhaps included a few character skins that are only playable when you purchase a game as a digital download. 

     I long for the day when PSN will offer a special "three for one" special, where for the price of one arcade game, usually $15, you can pick three games from a list of, lets say ten games, that have been out for over two or three years, in an effort to spur interest in sequels or certain developers. Something akin to the "Humble Indie Bundle" on Steam. 

     The God of War Origins HD Collection contains both the PSP games, which are a lot of fun and great additions to the franchise. 

One last thing. Asking $10 for Tetris seems like criminal activity.

biLL andRew and deRRick talk RDD DLC

Like the name suggests, this is me and some friends talking about new Red Dead Redemption DLC for your viewing pleasure. Sure, its a stopgap to buy me some time for my next post, but it'll have to do for now. Thanks for tuning in!