You just can't

You can't see this

and after the 5:57 mark, be able to sit there and tell me there are "good and bad sides to war." 

Gotta Play - League of Legends (Annie)

Here's a bit of me playing a bit of League of Legends. It's free to play on PC and I highly recommend it.

Gotta Play TF2

Is this yet another stopgap to try and weasel myself some time? Sure it is! But that doesn't mean you should ignore it. School's kicked in so the reviews have been put on hold for awhile. I scribbled at least 5 reviews down but haven't written them out proper like what with the pictures and the scores and the explanations and the what not. So instead here's a little video I threw together to try and get more people to play Team Fortress 2, now free for to play it!