Day 1 Dlc & Demon Stone

The highly anticipated Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is allegedly coming with online passes included with each new copy of the game. Author R.A. Salvatore was involved with the game, and I personally loved Demon Stone on the PS2 and Xbox, so this is an exciting new IP I'm looking forward to. However, the game offers a story arc that spans seven unique quests and is only offered for free when a new copy of the game is purchased. The developer said that it wasn't locked access on the disk, it is DLC intended as a bonus gift to those who are willing to purchase the game new in an effort support the games developers and publishers. Rewarding people who support the industry in some way, that's something I understand. BUT how about rewarding the mother fucking player when they pay for the product in any form! If you own the disc, you should own the game. All of it. The catch in this instance, for me, is the fact that the Day 1 DLC was kind of a surprise. They didn't openly state that they were using it as a method to fight used game sales, or piracy, but that's exactly what they're trying to do. But when they announced what comes with the collector's edition, that might have been a good time to sneak it in the press release. Still it is a more welcome tactic when compared to other video game releases lately.

I wish CAPCOM would reimburse me for the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 coaster I paid full price for the very midnight that it came out, when they rereleased a newer edition of the game a few months later, rendering mine completly obsolete. And even onthe new disc there are still locked characters that you have to pay extra money for. Were they smart they would have offered to sell something like the "ultimate expansion pack" for at a reduced price to players who actually paid money to support the company the first time. 

Shouldn't we as gamers be expecting frequent updates to help balance the gameplay from exploit abusers and metagamers, instead of yearly copies of the game at full retail price (which in MvC3's case only came with a pathetic excuse for multiplayer and matchmaking)? Leauge of Legends does this near weekly! Free new characters, balance tweaks, and game modes. I think those are the methods that sets LoL apart as being the future of video gaming. If Capcom would have released character specific alternate costumes for a dollar a piece, instead of bundling them in groups of four, they would have had my business. Instead, they bundle alternate costumes in packs of four, when I only really want just one. Why not let me choose which four alternate costumes in this pack, out of the full reportoire of new content, I want to pay for? If they're too greedy to let me get just one at a time, then they don't deserve to be supported for handicapping me, as the player, even further in the decisions I can make with the game I paid for.

Hey what ever happened with Demon Stone? That game was great. Maybe thats just my weakness for elves and wizards and video games talking though. Wasn't Patrick Stewart in it?

Wipeout HD Fury: Spector - Just Hiss

Wipeout is one of my favourite video game franchises, and despite not really liking racing games that much this is a franchise that I've spent many hours of my life on. I can't find many other games that match this sense of speed and science fiction aesthetic so perfectly. So here is just one of the many musical tracks from the long running Wipeout series that I absolutely can't get enough of. Enjoy.

Pac Man 2 Review by 16 Bit Gems

Yes Yes a thousand times Yes!
Pac Man 2: The New Adventures is a game that holds a very dear place in my heart. As a lifelong Pac Man fan I can admit that in my youth this is a game I would rent from my local video store constantly, so when 16 Bit Gems recently reviewed it as a forgotten classic (like so many others), my heart swelled nearly to bursting. 

I have a history of hating adventure games, also known as "pointy clickies", because they recquired too much thinking. I was, and still am, more into reflex and twitch gaming. Trying to determine where to find the object you want so you can trade it for the thing you need, isn't as exciting to me as a batch of skeletons to smash with a hammer. I used to loathe the Kings Quest series for not having a jump button. The only adventure game to ever truly provide me with a fun gaming experience was Pac Man 2. It kind of streamlined the whole thing in a bright and colorful package that I couldn't help but enjoy.

Seeing Pac Man emote like crazy, and with that lovable digitzed voice, made him even more endearing. Although how a yellow circle missing a slice is endearing to begin with, is beyond me. You'll just have to trust me that it is. Seeing the impressively animated protagonist really helps the player to share the celebration of each victory, or the agony of each defeat. And in an era where "thank you for playing" was what you got after tearing your hair out for a whole weekend, this game didn't too that bad a job at making you empathize with the hero. 

People hated this game for trying to do something different, and it soon faded into obscurity. I have to admit that although this game features three episodes, and for renting this game damn near monthly (for years), I never beat this game. however it never prevented me from loving every second of it. But this is, without a doubt, my MOST loved adaptation of Pac Men to date. If you can manage the chance to play this game I highly recomend it!

Welcome to Billog in 2012

Please click play and read, or don't click play and read. 
Or click play and don't read, or don't click play and don't read.
But those are your only options. 

Thanks everyone for tuning in to biLLog in the year 2012 for my first post! I have to apologize for my hiatus at the end of last year because I was wrapping up school and wanted to take a little time off to enjoy myself. That aside, I will be updating my blog far more with lots of good things in store for this year. This year I will do my best to provide you original content as well. So even if its only a funny picture or video from one of the many sites I admire, hopefully everyday will give you a new reason to come back and check the site out. 

As for the Super Mario RPG ending credits video above, after watching The Completionist's hilarious review of this game, it made me take an obligatory stroll down nostalgia lane. Playing this game as a kid was a magical experience, the self referential  humor, the simple game design, the colorful cast of characters, and the brilliant music especially was something that I really loved and remember fondly to this day. This awesome medley of the games musical score lets me relive every moment of this game, and feels so celebratory in scale that I just can't help but smile. The actual ending sequence was perhaps one of the most rewarding endings on the Super Nintendo, and its just a parade. Although saying this is just a parade is like saying the game is just an RPG.  Seeing the screen grow dark and all the floats turn into a light show made my head explode as a kid, and today it makes me remember what it was like to have to scrap my brains off the ceiling before my parents got home from work. 

For some reason this always felt like New Years music to me. As if the raging positivity is setting the tone for whole year ahead, and I truly hope it does for each and everyone of you. Thanks again for stopping by and heppy new years.