Pac Man 2 Review by 16 Bit Gems

Yes Yes a thousand times Yes!
Pac Man 2: The New Adventures is a game that holds a very dear place in my heart. As a lifelong Pac Man fan I can admit that in my youth this is a game I would rent from my local video store constantly, so when 16 Bit Gems recently reviewed it as a forgotten classic (like so many others), my heart swelled nearly to bursting. 

I have a history of hating adventure games, also known as "pointy clickies", because they recquired too much thinking. I was, and still am, more into reflex and twitch gaming. Trying to determine where to find the object you want so you can trade it for the thing you need, isn't as exciting to me as a batch of skeletons to smash with a hammer. I used to loathe the Kings Quest series for not having a jump button. The only adventure game to ever truly provide me with a fun gaming experience was Pac Man 2. It kind of streamlined the whole thing in a bright and colorful package that I couldn't help but enjoy.

Seeing Pac Man emote like crazy, and with that lovable digitzed voice, made him even more endearing. Although how a yellow circle missing a slice is endearing to begin with, is beyond me. You'll just have to trust me that it is. Seeing the impressively animated protagonist really helps the player to share the celebration of each victory, or the agony of each defeat. And in an era where "thank you for playing" was what you got after tearing your hair out for a whole weekend, this game didn't too that bad a job at making you empathize with the hero. 

People hated this game for trying to do something different, and it soon faded into obscurity. I have to admit that although this game features three episodes, and for renting this game damn near monthly (for years), I never beat this game. however it never prevented me from loving every second of it. But this is, without a doubt, my MOST loved adaptation of Pac Men to date. If you can manage the chance to play this game I highly recomend it!

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