Watchmen 2: The Search for Curly's Gold

I recently caught wind of the fact that DC is working on releasing a sequel to the Watchmen. This is pretty bizarre news as it always felt like one of those classic works of comic book history that never needed a sequel. Even though it seems that the stories being created are mostly prequels, with very talented writers making individual story arcs for each of the Watchmen, it still feels like some kind of nerd blasphemy. If I'm not mistaken the whole series should be around thirty six issues, with a six issue story here, and four issue story there, and the like. 

Some people think of the Watchmen as holy ground to never be tread on again, lest one of the perfectly placed blades of grass be shoved out of order. Other people, including some of the people working on the comic, think that this is exactly what comics books are about. Exploring fascinating characters in extraordinary worlds in an ongoing series of events. 

Personally, I don't plan on paying for these comics right out of the gate, but I might wait for whole story arcs to be finished so I can read the entirety of them at my leisure. I mean, its the Watchmen for corn's sake! How could I not want more? But therein lies the rub, because DC knows there is a legion of rabid fans who will devour these comics as soon as they are printed. I wouldn't be surprised to see issues getting marked up by comic book vendors. Its hard to blame them for wanting to make money while struggling to maintain a dying industry, but are the publishers to blame for releasing a sequel I don't feel many people were asking for?  The Last Angry Geek will no doubt be reviewing these comics on his web show, but since he goes into spoiler territory it may behoove me to skip to the end of his reviews for the star ratings. Odds are the first issue should be released sometime this summer. Fingers crossed.

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