Gotham City Imposters goes Free-to-Play on PC

The rumors have been confirmed this week in a recent press release from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, as they have officially announced that Gotham City Imposters is now Free-to-Play on Steam.

Those who download the game via Steam will have access to the full game for free, as well as downloadable content previously released as DLC. Bonuses include new maps, weapons, and mascots just to name a few. Unfortunately the PS3 and Xbox Live Arcade versions of the game are still available for those willing to pay for them. But perhaps if WBIE sees the influx of gamers willing to play the game, they might be keen to adapting a F2P model on consoles as well.

For the uninitiated, Gotham City Imposters is an online multiplayer combat game, centered on two teams vying for dominance over the streets of Gotham City. One group fighting in the name of justice have donned makeshift Batman costumes, and the other fighting in the name of chaos have put on Joker makeup. Its very similar to Team Fortress 2 (also F2P on Steam) and can be really addicting with the right group of players. This is a great nod to the Batman mythos as well, so DC fans will get a humorous kick out of this game. Thos looking for a new game to compete against others in, while maintain a great degree of character costume customization will have a lot to look forward to.


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