Salutations Earthlings

Life can be a lot like a laundry basket. It can be messy. It can be empty. And sometimes it can be full of clean laundry that you’re too lazy to fold and put away right away so they all just wind up staying in the basket and by the time you remember and pull them all out they are wrinkly and creased up all funny. This metaphor really got away from me… What I’m trying to say is, “do your laundry.”

There’s been an obvious gap in between posts recently, because most of my online contributions have been going to a gaming blog called The Scrub Daily! I’ll be linking some of the work I’ve done for them in the coming days, while trying to make special content for those of you who follow my blog. All four of you.

Now for some shameless self promotion. Be sure to check out my latest article at The Scrub Daily here: Road Scuffler Diaries.

There will of course still be video game related stuff as per usual, reviews of stuff and things, and with the help my very first ever smart phone I plan to record videos of me talking into the empty void that is the internet. Who knows someone might even hear me!

In the mean time while, watch me eat a taco. Enjoy!

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